Aug 30

DoD TV: Full Indy Match – Shelly Martinez Vs Alexxis Nevaeh from RPW

Today we can bring you a full women’s match from the independent circuit, featuring a former WWE Diva and TNA Knockout!

The former Ariel of the ECW brand and Salinas of TNA, Shelly Martinez, faces Alexxis Neveah (also known as former WSU starlet Lexxus) one on one in this Revival Pro Wrestling event from earlier this year.

Credit to Shelly Martinez’s official YouTube channel for the upload!

Aug 30

Divas of Destruction TV

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Aug 30

All The Lastest Indy News

Indy News

The Indy scene has some of the best Women’s Wrestlers to walk the earth, check out all the latest Indy news and more to see which Women are paving the way for the future.


Aug 30


nxtThe future of the Divas Division starts at NXT so dont forget to check out all the latest NXT News, Results and Spoilers each week

Aug 30

RAW Reloaded

Raw ReloadedEach and Every week Adam gives his spin on Monday Night Raw.

Aug 30

Rise in RevELLEution

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Aug 27

SPOILERS: This Week’s WWE Smackdown from 26/08/14 Taping

We’ve got spoilers for you for the upcoming edition of WWE Smackdown, so click on to read up on what’s coming your way this week:

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Aug 27

RAW RELOADED [25/08/14] AJ Lays a Smooch on Paige, and The Bellas can Kiss any Chance of Saving the Feud Goodbye!

It’s that time once again to go over all the action from that Monday night Sports Entertainment show! This is the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! The break up of The Bella Twins was cemented when Nikki Bella gave her sister a slap across the face, claiming she would never forgive her for all that she put Nikki through. Meanwhile, Paige became the victim of mind games from rival and the former champ AJ Lee, as Lee cost Paige a match against Natalya on Raw (and would do the same on Smackdown as well). With the next big PPV event Night of Champions being four weeks away, what could be next in store for the Divas? Let’s get into it and find out…

LANA was ravishing in white, and would be ringside as her man Rusev once again faced Jack Swagger, getting another victory after repeatedly assaulting the ribs to force the contest to be called off.

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Aug 25

DoD TV: Watch Nicole Matthews Win ECCW Championship + Post-Victory Comments

History was made at the recent ECCW event this weekend as a leading SHIMMER star captured the promotion’s top prize that’s usually reserved for male competitors.

Nicole Matthews, who already holds the ECCW Women’s Championship, added to her resume by defeating (albeit with major outside interference) defending champion Bishop. This marks the first time a female wrestler has held the top prize of ECCW.

Matthews is a former two-time SHIMMER Tag Team Champion as part of the Canadian Ninjas team with Portia Perez, and is in the midst of a another record smashing reign not only as the four-time ECCW Women’s Champion, but the longest reigning (and adding to that as the current title holder.) The ECCW Women’s title has quite a history to it as well, having being held by the likes of current WWE Divas Emma and Natalya, current NXT Diva Becky Lynch, and former WWE Diva Ivory.

Nicole Matthews will now have plenty on her plate with two titles to defend but no doubt she’ll be besting those challenges as they come just as she’s done already in the women’s division!

Aug 21

Former Knockouts Champion ODB Moved to Alumni Section of TNA Roster

TNA Wrestling has quietly moved a multi-time former Knockouts Champion to its alumni section – a move that indicates that she’s done with the company.

ODB – a former four time singles and one time Knockouts Tag Team Champion – has had her TNA roster page moved from the active section to down to the alumni where former KOs such as Mickie James, Winter, and Daffney, are all placed.

In addition, ODB’s section on the TNA’s official Knockouts website has been removed, while Rebel now has an official section on the site.

ODB hasn’t directly commented on this apparent release, but she posted on Twitter a few days ago a message asking who wanted to see her “back in the ring” advertising how to book her for wrestling events.

Aug 20

SPOILERS: This Week’s WWE Smackdown from 19/08 Taping

We’ve got the spoilers for you from last night’s taping of WWE Smackdown, so click on to read up on what’s coming your way this week.

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Aug 19

DoD TV: Paige Comments on SummerSlam Title Victory

The WWE has posted a video of Eden getting the thoughts of Paige moments after she reclaimed the Divas Championship. Still delusional, the Anti-Diva claimed the title win was a “gift” from her “best friend” and as we’ve seen from Raw, the issues between her and AJ Lee are still far from over.

Aug 19

DoD TV: Natalya Promises “New Attitude” Following Victory on Raw

In one of the latest WWE Raw Fallout videos, Eden got some comments from Natalya regarding her victory on Raw over Paige (albeit due to distraction from AJ Lee). Curiously, Natalya seemed to be overly confident, saying she was done being nice and would show off a new attitude. Could this be the start of a sudden Heel turn from the Diva known mostly as a good girl ever since Total Divas started?

Aug 19

SPOILERS: This Week’s WWE Superstars from 18/08 Taping

We’ve got the spoilers for you from last night’s WWE Superstars TV Taping, so click on to read up on what’s coming your way this week.

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Aug 19

RAW RELOADED [18/08/14] Nikki’s Slap Happy, AJ and Paige Seem a bit Too Happy… With Each Other

It’s that time once again as we recap the events from the night before. It’s the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! The Summerslam PPV is in the books, and it saw two major victories with storylines perhaps far from over. Paige managed to successfully regain the Divas Championship in shockingly clean fashion, countering The Black Widow into the RamPaige DDT to win, but the post-match glares seemed to indicate the feud is far from over. The biggest shocker was Nikki Bella turning on her own sister Brie, costing her the match against Stephanie McMahon. What will be the fall-out from these major matches? Let’s get into it and find out…

STEPHANIE MCMAHON kicked the show off, coming out to Daniel Bryan’s theme music and doing a mocking “Yes!” taunt while dressed in a red merch “Steph! Steph! Steph!” to further mock Brie Bella’s husband. McMahon gloated and claimed the fans had been chanting her name, before putting over the “epic” PPV last night, saying The Authority would host a championship presentation ceremony. McMahon took shot at Authority enemies John Cena, Dean Ambrose, and Chris Jericho. She finally got around to the subject of Brie Bella, saying The Authority always wins but admitted she didn’t do it alone – thanking hubby Triple H for being by her side.

McMahon claimed Brie Bella only cares about herself, and then introduced the traitor known as NIKKI BELLA who was in quite a Mortica Adams looking outfit (and heels that got stuck as she went down the ramp in a Botchamania bound moment). Nikki hugged McMahon and tried to claim the heel-sticking moment was due to Nikki being so upset (nice try at a save) as Stephanie went on about how horrible and selfish Brie is. Things continued to be bad for Nikki when her audio wasn’t switched on right but she seemed to claim that Brie had betrayed her. Mic now on, and Nikki said that things were supposed to always be The Bella Twins against the world, but it never turned out that way.

The fans gave Nikki the loud “what?” treatment as she ranted that Brie was always the one who blamed Nikki when things went wrong, that Nikki would ever get married (hey, it’s your fault sticking with a man who told you he doesn’t want to get hitched or have kids!), blah blah blah. Nikki even claimed that Brie getting married was just another case of getting one over on her, before both took shots at Brie losing at Summerslam. Nikki turned on the waterworks saying she was going to stand on her own two feet. “I could say that I lost a sister… But I never even had one!” Nikki was yelling about how it was good to finally be free, and then leading to awkward pauses as both looked to the entrance staging like someone had missed their cue.

Ah, there she is! BRIE BELLA came out in wearing the Brie Mode T-shirt , staring a hole through her sister as McMahon tired to fire up Nikki. “Why are you doing this??” Brie demanded, saying her sister had destroyed her family. Taking exception to Brie saying she’ll forgive her, Nikki slapped her across the face – seemingly even shocking McMahon as Nikki screamed that she’d never forgive Brie. Chants of “You sold out!” sounded out as Brie in tears left the scene, but McMahon looked impressed while Nikki just glared at her departing sister.

Thoughts: Hit and miss, but mostly miss. Both Bellas are not good at acting, not at all but they had heat enough from the crowd so they at least cared. Nikki’s stumble and the mic not working well didn’t start her heel run off to a good start, and her basic, whining promo wasn’t too impressive either. A sister versus sister match will of course get interest alone in itself, and considering how stale both Bellas are on the mic that may be the only thing that gets them interest for this eventual showdown.

RENEE YOUNG interviewed Seth Rollins but as per usual, Dean Ambrose interrupted with an bucket of ice water attack before a brawl broke out.

The Match

Non-Title Match


No TV entrance? ALWAYS A GOOD SIGN!! Natayla in her lovely new ring gear was all smiles already in the ring. Paige was out next, still skipping as she headed down with the newly won title as we got a couple screen caps of the win, including Paige giving the unconscious AJ Lee a kiss on the cheek. Before things got underway, Paige got a mic and claimed she still respected and loved Lee, dedicating the match to her. I’m sure she meant it!

Paige continued her mind-games as she gave Natalya a little smooch on the cheek when applying a Hammerlock, but that just got her a Back Elbow and a Firewoman’s Carry. As the announcers hyped that #NikkiBella was trending worldwide Paige bridged out of a Jackknife pin, then fighting against being taken over by a Backslide. Paige broke free and hit Natalya with a wicked Kick to the back of the head as Nattie was down on her knees. Similar to last night, Paige rather sensually crawled over her opponent to mount her, but only to deliver a couple of Headbutts, and that all got barely a one count.

Holy interruptions Batman! AJ LEE made her skipping way out, music and all and GOD DAMN IT WOMAN Paige was biting down on her bottom lip as she watched her rival skip around. Natalya used the distraction to roll Paige up and much like last week on Raw, scored the surprise win!

Natalya defeats Paige with a School Girl Roll-up.

Paige freaked out in the ring as Lee faked innocence at ringside. With a mic, AJ as sincerely as Paige spoke about her earlier and told her that she loves her. “I dedicate my life to you Paige!” Lee rushed in with a vow to shake her hand but wisely Paige bailed from the scene. Lee went full crAJ mode with head tilts and glares as Paige backed away and clutched the butterfly belt, looking a mix of mad and concerned.

Thoughts: A great segment to further the already great storyline the two are having, as the two are out-creeping each other. The new “HLA” edge that Paige introduced has already been equaled by Lee’s claims of love, so it’s just a new dynamic that shouldn’t be read too much into. Even though fan fiction is probably being written as I type.

Stephanie McMahon (now in a dress) would join husband Triple H to host the presentation of the new WWE World Heavyweight Championship title to Brock Lesnar, and naturally HHH took a moment to put over McMahon’s win from Summerslam.

Renee Young would be seen again, now interviewing Jack Swagger about his loss in the Flag match against Jack Swagger.

For the third time, Renee Young did interviewing duties to get Chris Jericho’s thoughts on his loss at Summerslam to Bray Wyatt.

LANA (with Rusev) would gloat about their Summerslam Flag Match victory with the usual pro-Russia speech. However quickly things were cut off when Mark Henry came out, taking exception to Team Russia’s arrogance. Henry silenced Lana when he yelled at her, making a threat to Rusev to give him a “guided tour” of the Hall of Pain. For the first time Lana would be left stunned and afraid when Henry bested him with the World’s Strongest Slam and a big Splash.

That’s your lot for a rather action packed and certainly storyline progressing night of action, but will this continue on next week? Stop by in seven and we’ll find out with the next edition of the RAW RELOADED! See you then!

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