Feb 25

Kana Challenges AJPW GAORA TV Champion to Title Match

At the most recent KanaProMania event, SHIMMER star and leading Japanese female wrestler Kana made a bold championship match challenge – to a male competitor!

Kana made a challenge to current GAORA TV Champion of the AJPW company KENSO, even going as far as to kick him between the legs and hold up his title in defiance. According to results from Keeping The Spirit Alive, the challenge was accepted but it’s unclear if it will be held in AJPW or more likely a future KanaProMania event.

The challenge may have been ill-timed however, as Kana (who competed twice on the show) lost a championship match later in the show as she and Arisa Nakajima lost the REINA World Tag Championships to Syuri & Hikaru Shida in the show’s main event.

Click on to read the full results on the show.

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Feb 25

SPOILERS: This Week’s Editions of WWE Main Event & Smackdown from 24/02 Taping

We’ve got the spoilers for you for the upcoming editions of WWE Main Event and WWE Smackdown, so click on to read up on what’s coming your way this week.

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Feb 24

RESULTS: WSU 8th Anniversary iPPV – New Champions Crowned, TLC Match Main Event

WSU have held their latest iPPV event in their 8th Anniversary Show, with saw every WSU title defended and a main event of a Tables, Ladders, and Chairs match! Click on to read up on what went down at the event…

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Feb 24

Japanese Promotion Stardom Main Event ends in “Shoot” Assault leaving Extreme Facial Damage

The Japanese female wrestling scene has been rocked by a disgusting incident that saw a “shoot” (real) assault that’s left a popular competitor with facial injuries that may require surgery.

At the most recent Stardom event (February 22nd), Stardom champion Yoshiko began legitimately attacking challenger Act Yasukawa during their main event title match at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo. The shocking incident led to Yasukawa’s ringside seconds to throw in the towel, and she was rushed to hospital where she remains being monitored.

The resulting attack has left Yasukawa so damaged that currently both her eyes are swollen shut with rumours she has suffered orbital bone damage or fracture. This comes after she made a comeback from eye surgery on her right eye which had been nearly completely blind.

Stardom officials have held emergency meetings about the incident, but it’s unknown what punishment Yoshiko will suffer over the incident. Unconfirmed rumours state that Yoshiko was envious of her rival’s popularity and did not want to “drop” (lose) the Stardom Championship to Yasukawa.

The attack has made national headlines in Japan, making the cover of the leading Weekly Pro Wrestling magazine there – only further complicating matters due to the bad press this attack is rightly attracting.

Thanks to Dirty Dirty Sheets and KoalaMask.com (second report) for their continuing coverage of this developing story.

Feb 24

RAW RELOADED [23/02/15] #GiveDivasAChance

It’s that time once again to cover the events of that Monday Night sports entertainment event with this, the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! The Fast Lane PPV is in the history books and it saw Nikki Bella retaining the Divas Championship with a hook of the tights, leaving issues far from settled. With the biggest show of the year WrestleMania heading our way in a few weeks, can we get onto the road to ‘Mania with a good feud going? Let’s get into it and find out…

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Feb 19

SPOILERS: NXT TV for March & April

We’ve got spoilers for you for upcoming episodes of NXT’s TV show to air in March and April, so click on to read up on what developmental Diva action is coming your way.

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Feb 17

RAW RELOADED [16/02/15] OK, so Paige Dressed up like a Sugar Princess. No, Seriously!

Welcome one welcome all to the latest edition of the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! We’ve yet to be really set alight by the title feud involving The Bella Twins and Paige as the Fast Lane Pay Per View looms closer, so will this be the week things are turned around? And will we see anything new from Naomi and Natalya as they play a part in the tag title story? Let’s get into it and find out…

LANA and her client Rusev came out to interrupt John Cena’s rant with one of their own, but Lana was left raging as for once Rusev was the one laid out after a brawl with Cena.

RENEE YOUNG would interview Daniel Bryan about the mind games he’s playing with rival Roman Reigns.

Byron Saxton would be seen backstage outside the Divas locker room, saying he was waiting to get a word with number one contender Paige. Instead, THE BELLA TWINS rushed out with Brie clutching onto Paige’s ring attire. The twins gloated that Paige wouldn’t be competing tonight but if she did, she’d be doing it nude. The thieving twins fled the scene and moments later a flustered PAIGE in a towel came out, demanding to know where the twins went.

Paige instead ran into CAMERON (she’s still signed?) and asked for spare gear, but in a bratty tone Cameron dismissed the idea claiming Paige wouldn’t look good in it, leaving with a hair flip to the face. Paige took a moment to look around, and suddenly a pack of Rosebuds were there including current SHINE Champion Mia Yim and NXT’s cult favorite “Blue Pants” Leva Bates. In fact, Leva – clad in a candy fairy princess outfit was grabbed by the arm and hauled away from the scene. Uh oh…

The Match

Divas Singles Match


No TV entrance? ALWAYS A GOOD SIGN! Rae was already in the ring, complaining about who knows what. Paige’s theme hit and… Then stopped, selling her lack of gear issue. Then it played out again and Paige strutted out in that fairy princess outfit! “Goth Hogwarts outfit” JBL claimed as Paige played up the outfit and the fans seemed to love it.

Rae mouthed off about how this was supposed to be a match, and Paige promptly started it off by using the ropes to snap Rae sharply off from them a couple of times. “THIS IS MY HOUSE!!” got a nice pop as Paige kept control, leading to the Back-and-forth Back Elbows to Summer in the corner. Paige continued to play up the outfit as we saw the less than impressed Bella Twins watching on from backstage as the Diva of Tomorrow got some stomps in.

Paige nailed the Repeated Knee Strikes through the ropes and posed to let out a yell. Her taking her time came back to haunt her as it allowed Rae to counter with a Roll-up but instead of going for the pin she rolled Paige away, creating space for a way too high Roundhouse Kick but Paige sold it anyway. It got a two count, so Rae locked on a Full Nelson using the legs, trying to sneak a pin from it by rolling Paige over but again only getting a two count.

Rae hit a nice Legdrop and gloated about it, but missed a second and Paige rallied with a series of Short-Arm Clotheslines, then a Running Single Leg Dropkick. After a yell, Rae got floored again with a Side Kick, the perfect set-up to lock on the PTO and that was all she wrote.

Paige defeats Summer Rae by submission with the Paige Tap Out.

Post-match: The Bellas came out with Brie wearing Paige’s ring jacket. Nikki started off another usual Mean Girls (she couldn’t pronounce recognize properly!) rant but thankfully Paige cut her off to tell her that unlike the Twins she doesn’t need an outfit to look good. At Fast Lane, she vowed to take the Divas title, and that didn’t sit well with Nikki who fled the scene clutching her title.

Thoughts: This actually worked really well. Paige was able to show off her personality and fun side, just going with it all rather than being furious and that worked in her favor, and The Bella Twins looked more and more pathetic with their pranks and tricks. It seems to be giving Paige the edge towards Fast Lane, but will that translate into another reign as Divas Champion? We’ll have to wait and see…

The Second Match

Mixed Tag Team Match

NAOMI & Jimmy Uso w/h Jay Uso Vs NATALYA & Nattie’s Husband w/h Cesaro

Naomi came out with the tag team champs, as we got a replay of the failed double dinner date from Smackdown a couple weeks back. Natalya and Nattie’s Husband came out holding hands, but Nattie’s Husband pulled Natalya away from slapping hands with fans. Figures that the Divas would get full entrances only thanks to Superstars being involved.

Nattie’s Husband wanted to part of Jimmy, so it wasn’t long before Natalya was tagged in. The Divas did a nice bit of chain wrestling for a while, exchanging Headscissors and counters as Nattie’s Husband played cheerleader at the corner. This seemed to annoy Naomi who tagged out to her husband, forcing the Divas out. It wasn’t long again until the Divas were back in as Nattie’s Husband didn’t want any of a Jimmy Uso ready to fight.

The Divas went for stereo Dropkicks with impressive flips up to their feet for a nice reaction, but Natalya soon got control with almost an Atomic Drop counter to plant Naomi on her butt on the mat. This was a fine set up for Natalya’s running over the back spot followed by the Low Dropkick for a near fall. Natalya offered a tag to her husband, but still wanting none of the Uso he waved it off. Natalya went for The Sharpshooter but Naomi countered into a pin hold, which got countered, but in the end Naomi got the counter that mattered to win the match.

Naomi and Jimmy Uso defeat Natalya and Nattie’s Husband when Naomi pinned Natalya with a Counter Pin.

Post-match: Nattie’s Husband looked mad as Cesaro came in and started mouthing off at Natalya. It appeared that Nattie’s Husband was going to stick up for her, but instead Nattie’s Husband started yelling about the loss to leave Natalya extremely upset.

Thoughts: It’s damning on how lacking in storytelling and personality the Superstars are when the Divas have been by far the most important and interesting part of the tag title feud. The Divas used their time nicely.

That’s you lot from a far better than usual edition of Raw. We’ll be back next time with the post-Fast Lane PPV fallout and we’ll see if the Diva of Tomorrow or Team Bella still has the butterfly belt. So stop by again in seven for the next edition of the RAW RELOADED! See you then!

Feb 12

RESULT: NXT Takeover: Rival – The Boss Becomes The Champ in Fatal 4 Way

The latest NXT live special Takeover: Rival is now in the books, and we have a brand new NXT Women’s Champion.

Sasha Banks overcame Bayley, former Team BAE friend Becky Lynch, and defending champion and long-time rival Charlotte to finally claim the prize of the NXT Divas division.

In a match that seemingly saw every Diva apart from Charlotte come close to victory numerous times, Banks took advantage of a prone Charlotte after suffering a Belly-to-Bayley from the top rope. Locking in the Banks Statement submission, even breaking the hold to kick the other Divas out of the ring before reapplying it, Charlotte became so weakened that Banks switched the hold up into a Crucifix pin to win the match and the title.

Post-match Banks refused a handshake and shoved Charlotte away from a hug, taunting the former champion with the newly won title before leaving the ring. Is this a sign the rivalry isn’t quite over yet? Or will a new challenger step up to the plate to face The Boss of NXT?

Feb 12

TNA Announces Knockouts Knockdown 3 PPV Special Taping

TNA Wrestling has announced that it will once again tape a special Knockouts-themed Pay Per View special as part of its One Night Only series.

This weekend during its Orlando, Florida mass taping of PPVs Knockouts Knockdown 3 will be taped on Saturday, 14th February, in the midst of several PPV tapings according to TNA Wrestling. No talent has been announced for the event, but if the prior PPVs are any indication it will see existing TNA Knockouts facing off against “rookies” from the indies in qualifying matches, and a final battle royal to determine the latest Queen of the Knockouts.

Former Knockouts singles and tag team champions Gail Kim and Madison Rayne won the first and second Knockouts Knockdown events respectively, but who will emerge on top of the Knockouts division this time? And who from the independent scene will take on the Knockouts this time around?

Feb 11

Maria Kanellis Vs ODB Announced for ROH 13th Anniversary PPV

It’s been announced that a former WWE Diva will battle a former TNA Knockout live on PPV for one of the biggest independent wrestling promotions.

Maria Kanellis will battle ODB at Ring of Honor’s 13th Anniversary event in Las Vegas, to be aired live on PPV. The match stems from the feud between the respective stables the Women of Honor are aligned with – The Kingdom which Kanellis’ husband Michael Bennett is a part of, and The Briscoes which ODB joined forces with, even nicknaming herself as “One Dirty Briscoe”.

It’s quite the dream match-up as Kanellis was once voted the Diva of the Year in the Slammy Awards and was a Playboy covergirl, while ODB is a former four time TNA Knockouts Champion and one-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion in the only inter-gender title holders in the history of the company.

More information about the match-up and PPV ordering information can be found on ROHwrestling.com.

Feb 11

SPOILERS: This Week’s WWE Smackdown from 10/02 Taping

We’ve got the spoilers for the upcoming edition of WWE Smackdown, so click on to read up on what’s coming your way this week.

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Feb 10

[DoD TV] Full Match: NWA World Women’s Title – Barbi Hayden Vs Santana Garrett

Today we can bring you a full championship match from the independent scene featuring two of the best workers in the business today, including one who is a former TNA Knockout

In this match from Florida this past weekend (07/02/15), the reigning NWA World Women’s Champion Barbi Hayden defends the prestigious title against the former TNA Knockout Brittnay, now better known as Santana Garrett. Enjoy!

Feb 10

NXT Diva Zahra Schreiber & Seth Rollins involved in Nude Picture Twitter Leaks

A current in-training NXT Diva and a current top WWE Superstar have been involved in a nude picture leak on social media, with allegations of cheating involved.

It began first when Seth Rollins’ Instagram feed posted a nude picture of current NXT Diva Zahra Schreiber – a post that ended up appearing on the WWE website for a brief time due to WWE’s Twitter feed links on profile pages. Soon after, Rollins’ real life fiancée Leighla Schultz posted nude pictures of Rollins in apparent retaliation to the post of another woman’s pictures through his account.

The posts and pictures have been deleted but are circulating on-line forums and Reddit, and Rollins has public apologised for the picture at least of Schreiber appearing through his account. Schreiber has yet to comment on this incident, and there’s been no update on Schultz’ account after the nude picture there was deleted.

According to PWInsider (via NoDQ.com) WWE officials believe the incident “obviously” due to a hacker and ordered the WWE roster to be silent on this issue, and there is no heat on him currently. This is despite wild and so far unconfirmed on-line rumours that Schultz was behind the posting on both accounts, carrying it out out of anger of discovering Rollins’ “cheating” on her by discovering the nude picture he possessed. It’s also unknown if Schreiber’s position in developmental is at risk at this time, but it seems to be unlikely she will be in danger of release over this.


Feb 10

RAW RELOADED [09/02/15] Finally on the Right Hype Road to Fast Lane

It’s that time once again to recap all the Diva events from Monday Night Raw with this, the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! The Bella Twins got an edge over rival Paige last time with a spray paint, I mean tanning spray attach on the pale Glampire. Can Paige get some revenge this week, or will The Bella Twins have more Mean Girls tricks up their sleeves? Let’s get into it, and find out…

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Feb 03

RAW RELOADED [03/02/15] Back from the Cold, Wish the Same was True for the Storyline

It’s that time once again to go over what went down on that Monday night grappling show. This is the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! Last week’s Raw was cancelled by the heavy snow blizzards that hit the United States but during the week the WWE announced that at the upcoming Fast Lane Pay Per View Nikki Bella will defend the WWE Divas Championship against former two-time champ Paige! Thanks for stopping by for a while I guess Natalya… What will we see from the build-up to that title match this week? Let’s get into it, and find out…
STEPHANIE MCMAHON did more of the usual Authority power-trip junk for the opening segment with Triple H, setting up the night’s main event and a Fast Lane match with WrestleMania implications. Later on The Authority would gloat how they easily manipulated the Superstars to actually get what they wanted – Roman Reigns to put his WrestleMania title shot on the line.
NAOMI accompanied The Usos as Jimmy Uso faced Cesaro, who had NATALYA and Nattie’s Husband in his corner, a bout that Cesaro won.

The Match

Divas Singles Match


Oh boy, THE BELLA TWINS are on commentary. Lowering my expectations accordingly. Cole hyped and we got graphics about the Fast Lane WWE Divas Championship match. Nikki ranted about how Paige has a history or turning on friends, because that’s how you set up a feud, sure. Fox was already in the ring as Paige made her way out. No entrance? ALWAYS A GOOD SIGN!
The Divas locked up for a loooooong while before spilling out through the ropes. Paige sent Fox back in, and then punked out the Bellas with a scream which left Cole in truly awful hysterics. Alicia tried to steal a win with a Small Package but only got a two count. One Big Boot later firmly got Fox control and another two count, so Fox locked on a Chin Lock. The fans rallied behind Paige as The Bella Twins ranted about Paige being “another Anti-Diva” and by that point I really stopped caring what they had to say. Fox shut down a come-back and as soon as the Bellas started rattling off hashtags I turned the sound off. No, seriously. I’ve put up with their pointless chatter for years. I want to try and live as long a life as I can.
Fox applied another Chin Lock and when Paige fought up and shoved her away, Fox countered with a rather slow version (Deadlift maybe?) of the Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker. The reason became clear as Paige rolled Fox over when she went to dump her off, stealing the win off the Inside Cradle!
Paige defeats Alicia Fox with a Small Package.
Post-match: The Bellas distracted Paige with a taunt, and Fox put on the hurting with a Surfbroard stretch. This allowed the Bellas to actually spray a couple of cans of what looked like spraypaint because it was so black, but the announcers (yeah I turned the sound back on once the Bellas left) claimed it was spray tan, because Paige is so pale. Ha ha ha…
Thoughts: A true dud of a segment. The Bellas have reverted to the schoolyard Mean Girls act that is as awful and boring as ever. I wonder if this is all a punishment for Paige somehow, because if this keeps up and she doesn’t win the title? It’s a complete burial.
LANA accompanied her man Rusev to the ring, as he sent a message with a beatdown on Erick Rowan. Lana would show a promo video putting over Rusev’s dominance but herself and Rusev would be left fuming when the usual Russian flag drop malfunctioned. The announcers sold it as an omen of Rusev’s upcoming match with Cena, but Team Russia sold perfectly as Rusev wildly waved the Russain flag they brought to ringside.
Following Daniel Bryan’s victory to secure the match to determine the number one contender to the WWE Title at WrestleMania, RENEE YOUNG tried to get comments from Triple H on the Fast Lane match but he said he’d respond on the WWE Network on Stone Cold’s podcast.
That’s your lot for this week with a rather lacking night for the Divas. As we head closer towards WrestleMania, let alone the Fast Lane PPV, will things improve on the road to the grandest stage of them all? We’ll find out next time, so stop by then for the latest edition of the RAW RELOADED! See you then!


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