RAW RELOADED [Jan 20th 2014] – The Cake is a Lie, but Naomi’s Wins are Real!

It’s that time once again for a recap of all events Diva-related on Monday Night Raw, with the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! It’s been a busy week for the Divas outside of the squared circle. Brie Belle celebrated her upcoming wedding with a beard-filled party (no, really), former Diva Maryse was interviewed on WWE-dot-com, Naomi got married, and AJ Lee celebrated becoming the longest reigning WWE Divas Champion in the title’s history! In the ring, the rivalry between the dancing duo of Naomi and Cameron versus AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka grew with Lee getting the win last Raw, but Naomi managing to put away Snuka this past Smackdown. As we head towards the Royal Rumble and what has to be a Divas title match between Lee and Naomi, what twists and turns will go down this week? And have we all really forgotten about Aksana’s sudden push that went no-where? Let’s get into it, and find out…


STEPHANIE MCMAHON and hubby Triple H hosted the opening segment which saw Randy Orton rant and Batista return. Nothing new from McMahon here (apart from a blatant plug for the WWE Network) as she put Orton in his place.

SUMMER RAE did the usual dancing duties for her man Fandango as he got a quick victory over Xavier Woods. After the match, EMMA was again seen in the crowd with her #EMMAtainment sign to continue… Whatever the WWE is doing with her at the moment.


The touching tribute video to the late WWE Hall of Fame member MAE YOUNG was shown, voiced by Stephanie McMahon (unlike the version shown from Smackdown and on WWE’s website). R.I.P.



Divas Tag Team Match



Full entrances? Madness!! The longest reigning Divas Champion in history is out with her bodyguard Tamina… Who is covered (her jacket anyway) in cake frosting. Uhhhh… Is this some fan fiction by Dice & Kristi or something? A video clip of a WWE App video showed AJ Lee’s backstage party to celebrate her record setting reign, but Bad News Barrett informed her that no-one turned up because she’s so hated by everyone. I guess my invite got lost in the mail… Lee freaked out, and tried to shove a celebration cake into Josh Matthew’s face, only for him to dodge and Snuka to get it instead. Ooops! Back to the ring and Lee clearly said sorry to a clearly less than happy Tamina.


The dancing duo were out next in the silver versions of their gear but Cameron wearing that “Girl Bye” shirt, while JBL yelled out the lyrics to the theme. Much dancing. Snuka and Cameron started off, and Tamina quickly clubbed Cameron down followed by a Body Slam. Tag in to AJ who hit the Neckbreaker that Cameron dropped down waaaaaaaaaaay to early for, and it “got” a two count. The announcers mocked Lee thinking Divas would attend her party while AJ locked in a Chinlock and fans actually dual chanted “Let’s Go AJ!” and “AJ Sucks!”. Lee forced Cameron back to make a tag to Tamina, who hit a Knee Strike that Cameron sold less than well, having to be dragged up to take a second.


Cameron countered a charge to the corner with feet to the face, which somehow stunned Snuka for a whole half minute allowing Naomi to rally the fans before Cameron suddenly sprung into life and got the tag. HOUSE ON FIRE!! Naomi came in and hit a beautiful flipping Clothesline, followed by a less than completely perfect (but still OK) Step-Up Headscissors, then a Spinning Back Elbow off the second rope. After some booty popping, Naomi landed a Single Leg Dropkick, but coming off the ropes ate a Big Boot to flatten her. Snuka calmly walked over to tag out, and AJ skipped around her opponent as per the norm. And as per the norm, Lee ended up getting caught with a Small Package and got pinned!


Cameron and Naomi defeat AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka when Naomi pinned Lee with a Small Package.


Post-match: AJ was left on her knees and horrified, freaking out and screaming while the funky Divas celebrated and Snuka just stood, seemingly looking far from impressed with her friend’s performance.


Thoughts: Cake business and attempts to sell Lee’s accomplishment short, obviously Naomi has been built as the next challenger to Lee’s title. It’s a typical move in WWE to give a challenger plenty of wins in the lead-up to a title match, only for the challenger to lose as the champ retains. It’s happened plenty of times with the likes of Brie and Nikki Bella, and Natalya – they’ve gotten big wins only to fail at the PPV title match. Naomi could be the next to follow suit, but no matter the result – AJ Lee Vs Naomi is a match I can’t wait to see, as both these ladies could create a fantastic match up!


The match hasn’t yet officially been set for the Royal Rumble PPV which goes down this Sunday, but all signs surely point towards Naomi Vs AJ Lee being a lock for the show, if not at least in the near future somehow, somewhere. We will have to wait and see on that front, but regardless, stop by in seven days time and we will have the fall-out, if any, from the Rumble event with the next edition of the RAW RELOADED! See you then!