Nov 25

RAW RELOADED [24/11/14] Pipebombshell 2.0 Doesn’t Exactly Explode with Hope for a Feud

With Survivor Series in the history books, we now face all the fall out with this, the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION!

It appears The Bella Twins pulled the wool over all our eyes, as thanks to a kiss from Brie Bella sister Nikki was able to quickly defeat AJ Lee to become the new Divas Champion. Brie’s smiles and raising Nikki’s arm after the win seemed to make it clear the whole “personal assistant” deal had been a plan all along. In addition, The Authority of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon are now out of power due to Team Authority losing to Team Ziggler (well, Cena didn’t do much in the match!), while the foursome of Natalya, Naomi, Emma, and Alicia Fox made a clean sweep to win the Divas elimination tag match over Cameron, Layla, Summer Rae, and Paige. What twists and turns will the Divas division have now after these incidents? Let’s get into it, and find out…

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Nov 24

Report: AJ Lee Not Leaving WWE Despite the Ending of Survivor Series Title Match?

With so much rumours and claims online about AJ Lee and her status in the WWE, sparked by the recent launch of her own official website, the manner in which Lee lost the Divas title to Nikki Bella has turned those sparks into raging forum fires.

Lee lost the title in barely a minute, set up by a kiss from Brie Bella and then the Nikki Rack Attack, and post-match it appeared that the Bella Twins had been planning this all along.

Mike Johnson of PWInsider claims that the reason for the squash match-like loss was merely a booking decision, not to make Lee look weak before a departure:

In speaking to WWE sources last night and this afternoon, I was told that it was simply the way the match was booked that led to the quick ending and loss, not Lee requesting a release, trying to quit, or any of the other stories that seem to be making the rounds.

If it due to a booking decision, then blame may lay with other matches on the card – the main event was especially lengthy, and the Divas Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match was given a lot of ring time as well. However there’s still plenty of questions remaining, and we will have to wait and see if this was just a booking matter or a set-up for a fall for Lee. We may get some answers soon on the upcoming edition of Raw.

Nov 24

WWE Survivor Series Results – Lee Vs Bella for Divas Title, 4 on 4 Elimination Match

The WWE Survivor Series PPV is now in the books, and it left a couple of shocking results for us all to digest.

Nikki Bella dethrowned AJ Lee to become the new WWE Divas Champion in record setting time. The match started with Brie Bella shockingly planting a kiss onto Lee, in what the announcers said was similar to the kiss that Lee gave then (on screen) boyfriend Daniel Bryan which led him to a sudden title loss. The smooch distracted Lee enough for Nikki to pounce and hit the Rack Attack and win the butterfly belt. Perhaps more interesting was Brie’s reaction of being all smiles and happy for her sister, a sign that this may all have been a plot from the beginning between the Bellas.

The quickness of the match and how Lee rather easily lost the title will only continue rumours and speculations about Lee’s future in the WWE, especially after launching her own official website weeks ago.

In the traditional four versus four Divas Survivor Series Elimination Tag Team Match, it was a shut out for the (mostly) babyface team. Natalya, Emma, Alicia Fox, and Naomi survived with all four members of their team, taking down the opposition of Cameron, Layla, Summer Rae, and lastly Paige – facing four on one odds – to emerge victorious. Even if Nattie’s Husband tried to steal the spotlight and the glory as the winning Divas celebrated.

Elsewhere: Stephanie McMahon was left having a fit when Team Authority lost the main event five against five match, a loss that means The Authority is no longer in power. Lana accompanied her man Rusev to the ring for that match, and she was also left stunned when Rusev was counted out following a splash to the announce table meant for Dolph Ziggler, but Ziggler avoided the blow. Also, Rosa Mendes made her debut as Fandango’s new dance partner for the PPV Kick-off show as he defeated Justin Gabriel.

Nov 18

SPOILERS: WWE Superstars from 17/11 Taping

We’ve got the spoilers for you from the recent taping of WWE Superstars, so click on to read up on what’s coming your way this week.

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Nov 18

RAW RELOADED [17/11/14] AJ Brie is new Brie Mode?

This is it, the last stop on the road towards Survivor Series as we will see AJ Lee defend the Divas Championship against Nikki Bella, who still has the forced services of sister Brie Bella. Will we see either Diva gain an edge as we head towards this all important Pay Per View. Let’s get into it and find out with this, the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION!

STEPHANIE MCMAHON and LANA were along with the whole of Team Authority, as McMahon tried unsuccessfully to sway the loner RyBack to side with them.

LILLIAN GARCIA had extra announcing to do before the Luke Harper Vs Dolph Ziggler match as The Authority made the match for Ziggler’s Intercontinental Championship.

NATALYA accompanied Nattie’s husband to a rematch from last week against Adam Rose. Once again Rose would lose because of a distraction by The Bunny who tried some flirting (or something) with Natalya.

RENEE YOUNG interviewed John Cena about the upcoming Survivor Series main event and the “free agent” RyBack.

Lana proudly held the United States Championship as she and her man Rusev headed to the ring. Lana gave the usual pro-Putin, anti-USA speech taking shots at Kim Kardashian’s heavily photoshopped butt picture before trolling the fans by promising a “topless” picture only to show President Putin shirtless. Eventually Heath Slater (dressed like Uncle Sam or something) came out and became the latest squash victim to The Accolade.

Stephanie McMahon would try to bribe The Big Show to leave Team Cena with promises of entry into the WWE Hall of Fame. Show answered no, and when Sheamus interrupted things McMahon placed both him and Show into a singles match as punishment.

Total Divas star ROSA (MENDES) was advertised as being the new dance partner for the “new and improved” Fandango for the Survivor Series Kick-Off Show.

The Match

Divas “Exhibition” Match


Hang on a second… It’s AJ Lee’s music, but Brie Bella is dressed up as AJ Lee, doing the skipping routine and even the same sitting on the ropes act as well. The reasoning became clear as Nikki Bella then came out, Cole making a point to state that Brie has eight more days of being a servant. Hmmm… That includes the date of Survivor Series and the Divas title match… HMMM… There was a replay of last week’s Lee Vs Brie match that saw Nikki attack and lay out Lee.

Before this “Exhibition Match” could start, the real Divas Champion AJ LEE skipped her way down and got herself a seat at commentary. Nikki faked a lock-up, did some jumping jacks, and then hit an Arm Drag that Brie seemingly let her sister hit. Lee complimented AJ-Brie’s fashion choices – “She’s never looked better!” Lee claimed she was a little offended by Brie “looking better” than AJ does in it, while Brie obviously was letting herself take moves when Nikki hit a Shoulder Knockdown.

Lee took a shot at Nikki for not appreciating her sister, saying Nikki’s used her to get where she is today while said Bella hit a couple of Backbreakers to the knee. Nikki went for a pin but deliberately pulled her sister off from the pin. Lee further mocked Nikki for just wanting the Divas title to match her shoes, as Nikki used a Double Handed Choke to muscle AJ-Brie into the corner. Brie seemingly hit a Back Elbow by accident (HOW THE HELL CAN YOU DO THAT BY ACCIDENT?!?) which enraged Nikki.

Nikki hooked her sister up for the Rack Attack at which point AJ raced to the apron, distracting Nikki and avoiding a wild swing. The distraction allowed Brie to scoop her mean sister up from behind and SCHOOL GIRL ROLL-UP OF DOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!

Brie Bella defeats Nikki Bella with the SCHOOL GIRL ROLL-UP OF DOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!

Post-match: Brie seemed to be secretly happy as Nikki looked furious, and then took the anger out on her sister with an attack. This allowed Lee to nail her rival from behind, setting up a Shining Wizard to wipe her out. Pleased, Brie led the crowd in a loud “Yes!” chant, squat motion and all. That was, until Lee cut her off with a Sole Kick, laying her out with a DDT to quite a muted, mixed reaction. Lee then left the scene with both Bellas laid out.

Thoughts: A fine segment that laid out all the plot points of the storyline. It worked just fine and did what it needed to do. Can’t say anything else but that.

Stephanie McMahon would appear again for the final segment of the show of the Team Cena and Team Authority contract signing.

Not too much to report from this show, but at least we got some build-up for Survivor Series. In seven days we will see the post-Survivor Series Raw, but who will hold the butterfly belt? Will AJ Lee retain or can Nikki Bella utilize her sister to steal the Divas title? We will find out in the next edition of the RAW RELOADED! See you then!


Nov 17

Mia Yim wins SHINE Championship in China

Leading independent scene starlet Mia Yim has added another feather to her cap in a major way – winning the SHINE Wrestling Championship overseas in China.

SHINE Wrestling performers Yim, Allysin Kay, Su Yung, and now former champion Ivelisse Velez had been a part of the WWNLive week long tour of China in SHINE wrestling matches. Velez had successfully defended the SHINE title against Kay and Yung at previous shows, but Yim managed to defeat the Lucha Underground star on the final night of the tour.

Footage of Yim’s title victory can be viewed here from the 52 minute mark.

The victory for Yim, an American of Korean descent who nicknames herself the “Blaisian Barbie”, gives her the distinction of also being the first woman to have held the singles and tag team titles of SHINE, having been also the part of the first SHINE tag champs with Leva Bates.

It caps off quite a few months for Yim, who was seen getting a singles victory over full time TNA Knockout Brittnay during the TNA Knockouts Knockdown PPV, and worked WWE NXT Tapings in a losing effort to NXT Champion Charlotte.

Thanks to RingBellesOnline for coverage of the title change.

Nov 13

PWI Female 50 List – Paige Ranked Number One

The Pro Wrestling Illustrated Female Top 50 list – ranking the WWE Divas, TNA Knockouts, NXT Divas, and women of wrestling from SHIMMER, WSU, SHINE Wrestling and beyond, has been released. According to the magazine, the former NXT Divas Champion and former two-time WWE Divas Champion Paige is the top female wrestler today, ranked over her recent rival AJ Lee who was placed number two.

Here’s the full list, courtesy of

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Nov 13

SPOILERS: WWE Smackdown from 11/11 Taping

Here’s the spoilers for the upcoming edition of WWE Smackdown:

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Nov 11

AJ Lee Vs Nikki Bella Confirmed for Survivor Series

The WWE has officially confirmed the Divas Championship Match for the Survivor Series Pay Per View as AJ Lee defends against Nikki Bella.

Nikki “won” a costume battle royal on the Halloween edition of Smackdown when Paige and Alicia Fox eliminated each other to hand Nikki the win. Since then, Nikki has used her right of ownership for the month over sister Brie Bella to gain a mental and sometime physical edge over Lee.This past Raw, Nikki took a cheap shot on Lee as he had The Black Widow applied to Brie, laying AJ out with the Nikki Rack Attack.

Will this master-slave aspect come into play at Survivor Series, or can Lee once again defy the odds and retain the butterfly belt?

Nov 11

RAW RELOADED [10/11/14] Paige Vs Fox II in the UK – Once more, with the Crowd Caring

It’s that time once again for this, the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! It’s been confirmed that AJ Lee will defend the butterfly belt against Nikki Bella at Survivor Series, and tossing in the dynamic of Brie Bella being forced to be her sister’s slave it appears the deck is stacked against AJ Lee. As we head towards the next big PPV of the year, will either Diva get the advantage? Let’s get into it and find out…

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Nov 04

RAW RELOADED [03/11/14] Whole Lot of Stephanie, and Not Much Else!

Oh yes, it’s that time again! This is the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! With the friendship between Paige and Alicia Fox now well and truly over with, a new challenger has emerged for the Divas Championship. Nikki Bella “won” a Costume Battle Royal (when Fox and Paige eliminated each other), and with Nikki having the services of sister Brie for a few more weeks it would appear that Lee is once again facing a handicap situation. Can Lee survive this, or will the mean Bella be able to steal the butterfly belt thanks to her sister’s forced help? Let’s get into it and find out.

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Oct 30

SPOILERS: WWE Smackdown from 28/10 Taping

We’ve got the spoilers for you for this week’s edition of WWE Smackdown, so click on to read up on what’s coming your way.

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Oct 28

SPOILERS: WWE Superstars from 27/10 Taping

We’ve got the spoilers from the latest taping of WWE Superstars, so click on to read up on what’s coming your way this week.

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Oct 28

RAW RELOADED [28/10/14] RIP Team Pai-cia 2014 – 2014

It’s that time once again! This is the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! The Hell in a Cell Pay Per View is in the books, and two major matches have come and gone, but seemingly not with the feuds finished. Nikki Bella emerged victorious in the battle of the Bellas, forcing Brie to be her slave for 30 days and pouring a smoothie over Brie’s head, Nikki gave a glimpse of what the next month will be like. AJ Lee

STEPHANIE MCMAHON was part of usual power-trip storyline duties in the opening segment involving The Authority, but things broke down with Randy Orton picked and fight and eventually laid out Seth Rollins.

RENEE YOUNG would try to get an explanation from Mark Henry for his attack on now former partner The Big Show, but he just ranted and left Young none the wiser.

The Match

Non-Title Divas Singles Match


AJ skipped her way out first, and after a commercial break Fox was now in the ring. No entrance? ALWAYS A GOOD SIGN! Paige was commentary and claimed that it was the fault of her “bestie” that she lost at Hell in a Cell. Fox got the edge early with Forearm Strikes as Paige claimed she was just “having a rough day” and didn’t beat Alicia up too much. Fox mouthed off at Paige before hitting a nice One Footed Dropkick, and Paige took a fed line to point out that a good friend helps a bestie to win matches.

Fox got Lee back inside and Paige laughed off the idea of Fox becoming Divas Champion. Fox got a one count, then worked Lee over in the corner. Paige claimed that “she had it” last night as Fox hit the Prettiest Northern Lights Suplex in the business for a near fall, and Paige further ranted that she was inspiring “Foxy” because of her black gear. Paige was acting very brattish as she claimed Fox was now her “punky girl” and the definition of a “punky girl” was herself. Uhhhh… The Hell??

Lee fought up from a Chin Lock but got decked by a Back Elbow that got a two count, making Fox scream in anger. “I looooove the way she screams” Paige cooed. That is NOT PG young lady! Fox applied another Chin Lock and glared at Paige while applying it. Paige was asked if AJ Lee has her number. “My phone number?” She responded. Careful, those fan-fic writers will be at it again. Fox lifted Lee up for a Body Slam, but in a wicked counter Lee spun out and SPIKED Alicia with a DDT. Paige was getting angry as Lee started the fight back with counter boots in the corner, but Fox cut her off with a perfect Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker.

Paige left the announce table, shoving Fox through the ropes and telling for her to win. This distraction allowed Lee to scoop her up from behind and steal the win!

AJ Lee defeats Alicia Fox with a School Girl Roll-up (OF DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!)

Post-match: Lee hugged her title and fled the scene as Paige acted like she was in total shock. Fox kicked the ropes in rage, and to make peace Paige offered one of her merch wrist-bands. SWERVE! Paige nailed a cheap shot with a Superkick! Tossing Fox to the floor, Paige tossed her bestie into the crowd barrier, and then used a Catapult to send her into it again, before slamming the back of Alicia’s head into the barrier a couple times. “You’re a worst best friend!” Paige yelled, before Perv King stole the heat of the segment by coming over to half-heartedly attend to Fox as Paige left the scene.

Thoughts: A fine match. R.I.P. Team Paicia 2014 – 2014. We barely saw thee. Will this see Fox and Paige feud now? Will AJ finally move on to a new opponent to feud with? Or will all this be forgotten by the same time next week?

Stephanie McMahon would appear to interrupt a John Cena speech, trying to sweet talk Cena into joining The Authority but when he (shockingly!) turned it down Triple H announces a Team Cena versus Team Authority Survivor Series Elimination Match.

The Second Match

(Total) Divas Singles Match


The Bellas were out but when Brie tried to brush things off and head down the ramp Nikki yelled and ordered her back. At the ring, Nikki ordered her new slave to hold open the ropes for her, the commentators going over the Hell in a Cell Match as Nikki whispered more commands before tossing her hat near to her sister’s face (it missed). We got screenshot recap of the PPV match including the smoothie pouring.

No entrance? ALWAYS A GOOD SIGN! Naomi was in the ring after a commercial. Naomi controlled early with a Sliding D-like Clothesline, and moments later Nikki countered Naomi’s butt-shaking corner move to eventually (very chunky) counter with a Waterwheel Slam. Bella went to work, lifting up her opponent to the corner and hitting Shoulder Thrusts. Naomi was choked against the ropes a couple of times as JBL recapped the “quitting” option Brie has, as said Diva looked on in disgust at the dirty tactics.

Nikki did the Alley-Oop spot and got barely a one count. Nikki continued to control with a Corner Clothesline, then a unique rest hold hooking up the head and arm. A fight up was cut off but Naomi went on the attack by tripping Nikki into the ropes, hitting a Single Leg Dropkick soon after. The offence continued with the Running Flipping Clothesline, then a Full Nelson Bomb (I believe her husband did the same move in an earlier match on the show!) followed by a Kick straight to the spine, and a unique Double Knee Drop to the upper body to drive Bella into the mat. It all just got Naomi a near fall however.

Nikki bailed to the floor, but Brie just watched on as her sister was sent back in, and Naomi caught her with a high kick from the apron. Oh noes!! Brie weakly grabbed Naomi’s foot, enough to distract her so that Nikki could strike with the KO Forearm to knock Naomi down to the floor. Brie sold being disgusted with herself as Nikki gloated and said “Good job Brie!” Nikki took her time to bring Naomi in, hitting the Rack Attack for the easy victory.

Nikki Bella defeats Naomi with the Nikki Rack Attack.

Post-Match: Nikki ordered Brie to raise her arm, much to her annoyance.

Thoughts: A decent match, and served its purpose to get the master/slave dynamic over. The only bad thing? The segments where Brie has to do tasks are going to get worse and worse, and I don’t mean just what Brie will have to do!

Stephanie McMahon would make a last appearance, watching with Triple H from the stage as the WWE locker room had a mass brawl which saw Cena (predictably) standing tall.

That’s your lot for this week (no Lana? The shame!), so be sure to stop by next week to see what twists and turns will be on the road to Survivor Series. So until then, this has been the RAW RELOADED and I’ll see you again soon!

Oct 24

SPOILERS: NXT TV for November/December 2014 – SHIMMER Stars Appear

The WWE’s developmental territory NXT recently held their latest TV tapings for episodes to air in November and December, which in addition to NXT Divas featured two leading indy workers from SHINE Wrestling and SHIMMER Women Athletes. Click on to read up on what’s coming your way over the next month and beyond…

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