Divas Champion Charlotte Claims Negative Reaction to Divas Revolution Due to “People Wanting to find something Negative”

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WWE Divas Champion Charlotte has issued quite the “company woman” response to the largely negative reaction from fans and critics of the recent Divas Revolution storyline, claiming it was down to negative attitudes of some. Speaking to SportingNews.com, Charlotte seemed to take a shot at online fans who have taken issue with the less than stellar booking of the so-called Revolution, including moments of Team PCB being buried during a MizTV segment and following match, and Nikki Bella becoming the longest reigning Divas Champion despite the Revolution being (on-screen) designed to stop the Bellas’ “dominance”. She also seemed to play down the impact that her, Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks were having, claiming that Divas Revolution is “more of just a catch phrase”. “Well, I […]

RAW RELOADED [05/10/15] Welcome to BOSSton Team Bella

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Welcome one and welcome all to this, the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! With the WWE officially announcing that Nikki Bella will get her rematch for the Divas Championship against Charlotte at the Hell in a Cell Pay Per View/WWE Network Special, and the newly formed rivalry between Paige and Natalya gaining momentum, what twists in the Divas division will we see this time? Let’s get into it, and find out… STEPHANIE MCMAHON mocked Seth Rollins’ predicament of needing a tag team partner, saying that he was “the man” so should be able to figure things out himself. Later on McMahon came out to stop the argument between Corporate Kane and Seth Rollins, booking the two of them in a WWE Championship Match […]

WWE Hall of Famer Madusa posts Odd Rant About Raw Diva Segment: “Half of you can’t wrestle!”

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WWE Hall of Famer Alundra Blayze, now known as Madusa, has posted an odd rant about the Divas Revolution segment from this past edition of Raw, blasting the majority of those involved and, not for the first time, claiming to have be the original Diva “revolutionary”. The former WWF Women’s Champion is claiming that Nikki Bella disrespected her by throwing up a hand when a fan apparently yelled her name during Bella’s in-ring promo. The post made on her official Facebook page blasts many of the Divas as being “over rated” and claims “Half of you cannot wrestle, some just sound illiterate as soon as you open your pie hole, all so disrespectful”. Shots were also taken at Paige, NXT’s Women’s Championship, and the whole […]

RAW RELOADED [28/09/15] Too Many Divas Spoiling the Revolution?

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It’s that time again to cover the Monday night sports entertainment show with this, the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! Last week the Divas Revolution took a pleasant turn as Paige turned on her former Team PCB allies with a pipebombshell of her own with shots taken at the entire division. This seemingly brought Natalya back into prominence as she took offense to Paige’s comments, and in the process as become a target to the Anti-Diva. With Nikki Bella still entitled to a rematch but the seeds clearly being sewn for a match between Paige and Charlotte, what’s next for the Divas Division? Let’s get into it, and find out… STEPHANIE MCMAHON was backstage with Triple H and “Ashley”, explaining to Kane that […]

RAW RELOADED [21/09/15] Finally, the Real Divas Revolution Might Actually be Starting!

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It’s that time once again to cover the events of that Monday night sports entertainment show with this, the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! The blandest reign of all time has now finally finished, now that Nikki Bella has passed AJ Lee’s reign, and Charlotte is our new Divas Champion! With no doubt a rematch coming between Nikki Bella, will we see the rather far from inspired faction warfare continue, or will teams self destruct out of jealousy now a new champion is in town? Let’s get into it, and find out…

RAW RELOADED [07/09/15] Sasha Vs Paige; Bad news for Nikki before Night of Champions

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Welcome back one and all to the RAW RELOADED, presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! Last week Charlotte emerged victorious in the Team PCB Beat the Clock Challenge, a quick win over Brie Bella securing her the number one contendership spot to face Nikki Bella at Night of Champions. Will either of the three Divas factions get an edge heading towards the PPV, and what changes will go down involving Ziggler, Rusev and Summer Rae now that Lana is on the injured list? Let’s get into it, and find out…

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