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RAW RELOADED [27/07/15] The Divas Revolution Remains Televised

It’s that time once again as we recap all the events from that Monday Night sports entertainment show with this, the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! The Divas Revolution is in full swing with the newest members of the Divas Division making their mark as Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks and Charlotte had stellar performances, in particular Banks forcing Paige to tap out in a tag match while Charlotte forced Brie Bella to tap in a singles. As we head towards the now 4-hour Summerslam PPV, what twists and turns will the show take as we head closer towards it? Let’s get into it and find out… Televised

STEPHANIE MCMAHON was with The Authority as they made several matches for the show. When John Cena interrupted, predictably his request for a WWE Title match was shut down.

Backstage PAIGE rallied her troops of Team Power Buff Girls of BECKY LYNCH and CHARLOTTE as Paige glowed about the social media reaction to the Divas Revolution. However Team BAD of SASHA BANKS, NAOMI and TAMINA SNUKA came in, as Banks took exception to the other Divas taking credit for the Divas Revolution. Naomi ranted that Banks was going to destroy Paige later tonight, and after a brief comeback that allowed Charlotte to get a “Woooo!” in Banks shut them down with a comment about “Daddy’s Little Girl”. Ha! Banks and Paige traded shots about being NXT Women’s Champion. Lynch yapped up about Banks attitude, which Snuka took offence to but after a face off and some yelling Team BAD eventually backed away.

The Match

Divas Singles Match


Team Power Buff Girls were out first, now suddenly all wearing Paige’s merch T-shirt (they were in their own merch in the previous segment). Continuity much? After the commercial Team BAD were out next, doing a stacked fist power pose before we cut to a Banks hype video that aired from this past Smackdown.

A lock-up starting things off, leading to a second as the Divas rolled to the mat and then out to the floor, a stand-off happening to break the grapple up before the Divas returned to the ring. Paige avoided a charge to whiplash Banks from the ropes, setting up a nice Knee Strike for barely a one count. A couple of Snap Suplexes got the same, but Paige switched up with the back-and-forth Elbows in the corner. A couple of counters leg to Banks rolling Paige up off a Wheelbarrow for a two count and one big strike to the forehead shut down the momentum. Banks controlled the wrist to set up a Lucha armdrag after running the ropes, but then ate a Japanese Armdrag, and the the dueling Dropkicks spot stopped the combat for a moment.

Banks offer and handshake as the fans rallied behind Paige, but the Anti-Diva saw through the ruse and blocked the kick, sweeping the leg away from under The Boss. The quite non-PG TV crawling led to Paige hitting a Headbutt for a two count, and a Fallaway Slam got another near fall. Team Bella were shown watching backstage as Paige controlled Banks with an Armbar while JBL gushed over Nikki Bella’s (awful) reign as Divas Champion. Banks eventually escaped but ate a Side Kick to send her out to the floor, and Paige took to the air for almost a Snap Crossbody to take out all of Team BAD.

Back from commercial, and a replay showed the other members of Team Bad, Charlotte and Lynch getting tossed out from ringside by the ref for bickering. Banks was in control now as she applied a boot to the face to Paige in the corner. Another shot of Team Bella watching backstage before Banks hit her Double Knee Drop to Paige stretched across the middle rope for a near fall. So Banks settled for choking Paige on the ropes, hitting the Knee Strike and then mocking Paige by doing her scream taunt on the apron. She nearly paid for it, getting trapped in a Small Package when she returned to the ring but escaped at two, and took down Paige with a Leaping Clothesline for yet another near fall.

Banks locked on a Japanese Stranglehold but Paige eventually escaped as the fans rallied behind her, and after blocking charges with strikes Paige countered a charge to the corner to hit the Running Knee Strike, followed by the series of Knee Strikes in the corner. Then followed the hat trick of Short Arm Clotheslines, the Running Dropkick, and a Superkick to send Banks down. Paige went for the PTO but Banks blocked it, but couldn’t block another Running Knee that got a two count. Banks soon rallied back, countering being sent to the corner with a vault back that captured Paige’s head, sending her right into the middle turnbuckle and setting up a Double Knee Strike to the seated Paige but once again only a near fall.

Banks made the mistake of going for the Double Knee Drop in the corner again, Paige countering and eventually grabbing The Boss by the leg, whipping her over and locking on a STF-like hold but Sasha managed to crawl to the ropes. Paige appeared to try for a slam but Banks flipped out to hit the Backstabber, right into the Banks Statement and racking up a major singles win!

Sasha Banks defeats Paige by submission with The Banks Statement

Post-match: Banks shoved Paige out to the floor and gloated about her win before the show moved on.

Thoughts: A great match that the fans were really into all the way through, and gives Banks a major push with the big win, thus boosting Team BAD in the process as well. Good stuff!

RENEE YOUNG interviewed Seth Rollins who predictably ranted about rival John Cena.

SUMMER RAE (in full Lana-outfit) and Rusev were in the ring as he in true male pig mode complimented Rae for being always obedient, claiming it was a woman’s privilege to obey a man (What complete bullshit!!) but it’s a man’s duty to give his woman gifts. Rusev summoned a gift, producing a dog from the box and Rusev claimed that due to the dog’s bad looks they should name him “Dog Ziggler” See what they did there? The next gift was… A fish?? He suggested naming it “Lana” after another cold fish. Uhhhhh… OK?

“Shut up!” LANA stormed out, running down Rusev and pointing out how everyone can see through her and noting how he’s making Rae dress and act like a wanna-be Lana. Summer claimed Rusev had finally upgraded herself. But Lana answered by kicking Lana in the leg to drop her, setting up for Lana to rub Summer’s face into the fish. No, really. Lana then slapped Rusev across the face and stormed off, smiling and waving to the fans as Rusev ranted and even tossed the fish at the ramp as Lana left. Summer was forced up to her feet, and promptly had a freak out over the humiliation.

Thoughts: Awful, boring stuff. Can this feud hurry up and end please?

The Second Match

Divas Tag Team Match


Team Power Buff Girls were out first, and after a commercial Team Bella were out next. Lynch and Bella started off, with Bella controlling the arm before Becky countered to escape and hit an Arm Drag. Lynch backed up to make the tag, and both her and Charlotte hit Dropkicks to deck the Divas Champion before kipping up. Charlotte got her laying on top Rollup in that Saxton referred to as Charlotte’s Web for a two count. Charlotte hit chops to easily get “Woooos” from the fans, but soon Nikki tagged out to Fox who rather unsafely worked on the arm. Charlotte flipped out of the hold, decking Fox with a snap European Uppercut, then hitting a very Nature Boy-like Knee Drop.

Team BAD were shown watching from backstage, and back to the ring a distraction by Nikki allowed Fox to hit a Big Boot to steal the advantage. The Prettiest Northern Lights in the Business got Alicia a near fall. Saxton made an epic snide comment about Fox being a Bella-clone after JBL also noted that Fox was “lucky” to be part of Team Bella. Team Bella hit some strikes, and Nikki applied a Surfboard for a moment but Charlotte flipped her way out of it, not able to make the tag as Nikki cheap shotted Lynch and shut down Charlotte, then taunting by doing some pushups. So the Bellas are Heels this week! Nice to know.

A Rebound Suplex got Nikki a near fall. Fox got the tag and Team Bella hit a Double Team Suplex that got a near fall as well, so Fox locked on a Surfboard variation with a foot to the back. Charlotte eventually escaped, a Snap Spinebuster setting up a roll-through from a Jackknife pin to finally get the tag. HOUSE ON FIRE!! Lynch took Fox down with a Clothesline and decked Nikki from the apron for some payback. Becky got a Dropkick in, then hit a Headlock and Hammerlock Suplex followed by a T-Bone Suplex for a pin that got broken up as Nikki sent her to the ringpost. Charlotte’s Spear soon wiped out Bella. Moments later Lynch applied the Disarmer Arm Bar and forced Fox to submit.

Becky Lynch and Charlotte defeat Team Bella by submission when Alicia Fox tapped out to Lynch’s Disarmer.

Post-match: Paige gleefully celebrated with Team Power Buff Girls.

Thoughts: Another fun Divas Match as Becky got the rub this bout, and definitely the NXT ladies have been able to shine. Things continue to look great in the Divas Division as the Revolution continues on.

Renee Young would do another interview with John Cena about his US Title defense against rival Seth Rollins.

That’s your lot for this week, and another promising episode of Raw as the Divas Revolution looks to be going on strong. Will that continue into next week as we head closer towards Summerslam? We’ll find out next time, so stop by then and we’ll recap it all with the next edition of the RAW RELOADED! See you then!

Jul 21

RAW RELOADED [20/07/15] How to start a Divas Revolution? Two Great Matches in a Night should do it!

Last week saw the most red hot and talked about Divas segment in years as not one, but three NXT Divas made their long awaited main roster debuts as to combat Team Bella the trio of Paige, Becky Lynch and Charlotte was created, along with Team BAD of Naomi, Tamina Snuka, and NXT Women’s Champion Sasha Banks. Battle lines were draw, and at the Battleground PPV Charlotte pulled off a win in a Triple Threat match over Banks and Brie Bella. Where will the Divas Revolution take us next? Let’s find out with this, the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION!

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Jul 14

RAW RELOADED [13/07/15] – The Night of the NXT Takeover

Due to unforeseen circumstances we were unable to bring you it last week, but we’re back with the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! So let’s get into it, and find out what went down on that Monday Night sports entertainment show just days away from the Battleground PPV…

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Jun 30

RAW RELOADED [30/06/15] Isn’t Team Bella Supposed to put Paige at a Disadvantage ?

Welcome one and all to the next edition of the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! Last week was a low point as it appeared the WWE seems set on burying every other Diva that doesn’t have a last name Bella. Will this sad trend continue, or will we finally see some light in the Divas division? Let’s get into it, and find out…

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Jun 23

RAW RELOADED [22/06/15] The Bellas can Decide if they get Cheers or Boos week by week… And we know why

It’s that time once again… This is the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! Paige found herself being completely squashed both storyline and career as she lost a Handicap Match to The Bella Twins, and failed to rally the other Divas to support her cause and fight their stranglehold on the WWE Divas division. With plenty of weeks to go before the next live WWE Network special called Battleground, surely we can see the WWE turn things around, right? Ri… Right? Let’s get into it, and find out…

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Jun 16

RAW RELOADED [15/06/15] Just when you Thought things Couldn’t get Worse…

It’s that time once again – this is the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! The less said about the Money in the Bank Pay Per… Oh sorry, the Live WWE Network Special… The less said the better as Nikki Bella retained the Divas Championship in blatant cheating fashion with the most ridiculous finish yet involving the tired Twin Magic nonsense. Can the Divas division recover from this, or will it be more of the same? Let’s get into it, and find out…

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Jun 10

SPOILERS: This Week’s WWE Smackdown & Main Event from 09/06 Taping

We’ve got the spoilers for you for the upcoming episodes of WWE Smackdown and WWE Main Event, so click on to read up on what’s coming your way this week.

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Jun 09

RAW RELOADED [08/06/15] So… Does Nikki Even Know if she’s Supposed to be a Heel or Face in this Feud?

Welcome back one and all to the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! Last week the Bella Twins continued their flip-flop between face and heel as they used Twin Magic to rob Paige of a title match, and Paige responded with a fiery speech from Smackdown. With Money in the Bank now days away, will either side get an edge as the Pay Per View approaches? Let’s get into it, and find out…

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Jun 03

SPOILERS: This Week’s WWE Smackdown from 02/06 Taping

We’ve got the spoilers for you for the upcoming edition of WWE Smackdown, so click on to read up on what’s coming your way this week.

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Jun 02

RAW RELOADED [01/06/15] Bellas Reverting to Type with Twin Magic Makes a Good Match Turn Sour

The Elimination Chamber “Live Special” on the WWE Network has been and gone, and a disappointing clunky match saw Nikki Bella retain the Divas Championship when she pinned Naomi to win, a match marked by the random stipulation of Tamina Snuka and Brie Bella being banned from ringside. Will Nikki move on to a new challenger, or will Paige continue to chase down the title considering she wasn’t pinned to lose the match? And what next for the evolving love story between Lana and Dolph Ziggler? Let’s get into it with this, the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION, and find out…

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May 26

RAW RELOADED [25/05/15] You’d think Paige Vs Tamina Would be a Great Match. Yeah, about that…

It’s that time once again to recap all the events from Raw with this, the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION!!! Paige made her return to WWE TV last week, clearing the ring of Tamina Snuka and the Diva who “injured” her Naomi, but the Anti-Diva showed she’s no nice gal now as she even laid out Nikki Bella, showing her focus is on the Divas Championship. That led to an announcement that at the Elimination Chamber “Pay Per View” (special on the WWE Network) will have a Triple Threat Match for the Divas title with Bella defending against Naomi and Paige. With just days to go before that match, can any Diva get an edge leading up to the show? Let’s get into it, and find out…

STEPHANIE MCMAHON was, as usual part of the opening segment with the rest of The Authority. More of the same, nothing new to report here. There was also a riveting segment with McMahon and some actors from some film. I’m not being paid to promote it, so I forget what it’s called.

RENEE YOUNG would interview Dean Ambrose, but JnJ Security would interrupt to lead to a predictable brawl. Young would interview The Authority later as they mocked the fact that they

Following on from last week, Rusev demanded that LANA come to the ring, and she did. Sadly if he wanted to get back together with her he started off with an arrogant rant, blaming Lana’s actions for losses against Cena and dropping a line about how her actions last week were just what women do to get men’s attention. URGH!! Rusev offered a hand, and it appeared the two had made up but when Rusev put his foot in it and asked that Lana admit she was wrong, she simply gave an icy glare and left the ring.

Lana reminded him that he said “I Quit” to lose the feud against Cena, and that set Rusev off on another. Lana got into his face and called him a liar and a quitter and after a barrage of insults left Rusev fuming as she left. Making the Bulgarian’s night worse Dolph Ziggler came out and got another smooch from Lana before raising her arm to further taunt him.

There was another riveting segment with those actors and Divas ALICIA FOX, SUMMER RAE, LAYLA and EMMA. Setting back the women’s division a couple years as they giggled and gushed over the actors.

Continuing the apparent developing relationship storyline, Lana was out later in the show to watch Dolph Ziggler’s match against Sheamus. A distraction by Rusev led to Sheamus picking up a cheap win, and post-match Rusev put the hurting on with an attack.

The Match

Divas Singles Match


THE BELLA TWINS were out first to join the commentary team, and I lower my expectations accordingly. Back from commercial Snuka was already in the ring. No entrance? ALWAYS A GOOD SIGN! We got a replay of last week’s events that saw Paige return, fight off Naomi and Snuka, and then plant Nikki with the RamPaige DDT.

Nikki claimed she was ready for this Triple Threat (even if she didn’t look it). Brie gushed about positivity and her husband while Paige hit her series of Knee Strikes but Paige soon got knocked down to the floor. Snuka roughed up Paige a little before applying a head-grip submission hold while The Twins tried (and failed) to put themselves over, still sounding like Heels rather than likeable babyfaces. Paige fought out and the two Divas exchanged punches before eventually Paige hit the Side Kick.

Naomi randomly jumped up to the apron, and had to jump back down when Snuka was whipped towards her, the brief distraction allowing a roll-up for a near fall, and it set Snuka up for a Side Kick to the head. Paige hit sloppy looking Clotheslines, perhaps due to Snuka not going with the usual Short-Arm kind that Paige is used to doing, but the follow up Dropkick was on point. Brie Bella weakly tried to justify her interference and AGAIN sounded like a Heel while doing so. A third Side Kick sent Snuka to the floor where she took an amazing head-over-heels Tumbleweed dive off the apron!

Paige took time to glare across at Naomi, and this allowed Snuka time to recover so she struck with shots to Paige as she climbed back into the ring. The referee backed Snuka away, but she came back in again to be backed off and that allowed Naomi to rush in and get a cheap shot. As the referee looked back and clearly could see the shot happening. But because that was the set up for the finish he didn’t call for the bell and pretended he couldn’t see it. “How could the referee not see that?” even The Bellas called him out on that. Anyway, Snuka eventually lifted (in messy fashion) Paige up, hit a Samoan Drop and ended the match.

Tamina Snuka defeated Paige with a Samoan Drop.

Post-Match: Naomi raised Snuka’s arm in the victory before the two duos of Divas taunted one another.

Thoughts: Wow, that match sucked and it sucked hard. Snuka appeared to be more at fault than Paige however, and the bout did no one any favours, even The Bella Twins who somehow keep being allowed to do commentary despite being no good at it! All in all an awful few minutes and not any kind of good hype for the Triple Threat at Elimination Chamber. We can only hope, and for those of you who do pray, that the three Divas who will be involved in the match will deliver a good one at the “PPV”.

NATALYA accompanied Cesaro and Nattie’s Husband as they took part in a ten versus three Handicap Match against The New Day that to no one’s surprise broke down in short order into a wild brawl.

McMahon again was out in the ring with The Authority, gloating about Ambrose’s arrest earlier in the show. However the appearance of Roman Reigns and then Ambrose to return and sign the contract soon ruined their mood.

That’s your lot (perhaps thankfully) from a less than stellar night from the Divas. Will next week bring anything good following the three-way for the butterfly belt at Elimination Chamber? I have my doubts

May 19

RAW RELOADED [18/05/15] Here comes Paige to save the Day, and the Storyline!

It’s that time once again where we recap all the events of Raw with this, the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! The Payback Pay Per View saw a Divas tag team match instead of the expected Divas title bout, but it saw Naomi pin Nikki Bella to cement her place as the challenger. Will we see these two come to blows this week? Let’s get into it and find out…

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May 12

RAW RELOADED [11/05/15] Number Games is up as Snuka Superkicks her way to Victory

It’s that time once again to recap the events of Monday Night Raw with this, the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! Last week saw Tamina Snuka made her return to the WWE, once again acting as a bodyguard but now to Naomi, playing off Naomi’s marriage into the Samoan family dynasty. Is this the time that the number’s game is up for The Bella Twins? As we approach the Payback Pay Per View will Naomi and Snuka continue to build momentum, or can Nikki stop the onslaught and stay on top of things? Let’s get into it and find out…

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May 05

RAW RELOADED [04/05/15] Naomi Makes a Statement, and this time she’s brought the Family…

Welcome one and all to the RAW RELOADED, presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! Naomi made a statement last week to show her issues with The Bella Twins are far from over with a victory over Brie. With the next WWE Pay Per View Payback just a couple weeks away will either Diva get an edge heading towards another title confrontation? Let’s get into it and find out…

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Apr 28

RAW RELOADED [27/04/15] With Sasha Banks Shades, Naomi Still Can’t Quite Slay

The Extreme Rules Pay Per View(PPV) has come and gone, and it gave a less than completely satisfying match between Nikki Bella and Naomi for the Divas title. Despite The Bella Twins being suddenly nice girls now in opposition of “Slaying” Naomi and her new mean edge, Nikki retained the Divas Championship thanks to outside interference by Brie in completely Heel fashion. Will Naomi look for revenge this week with the next WWE PPV Payback just a couple of weeks away? Let’s get into it and find out with this, the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION!

NATALYA accompanied Cesaro and Nattie’s Husband to the ring as Nattie’s Husband was robbed of a win against Big E thanks to Xavier Woods holding down the ankle.

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