May 26

RAW RELOADED [25/05/15] You’d think Paige Vs Tamina Would be a Great Match. Yeah, about that…

It’s that time once again to recap all the events from Raw with this, the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION!!! Paige made her return to WWE TV last week, clearing the ring of Tamina Snuka and the Diva who “injured” her Naomi, but the Anti-Diva showed she’s no nice gal now as she even laid out Nikki Bella, showing her focus is on the Divas Championship. That led to an announcement that at the Elimination Chamber “Pay Per View” (special on the WWE Network) will have a Triple Threat Match for the Divas title with Bella defending against Naomi and Paige. With just days to go before that match, can any Diva get an edge leading up to the show? Let’s get into it, and find out…

STEPHANIE MCMAHON was, as usual part of the opening segment with the rest of The Authority. More of the same, nothing new to report here. There was also a riveting segment with McMahon and some actors from some film. I’m not being paid to promote it, so I forget what it’s called.

RENEE YOUNG would interview Dean Ambrose, but JnJ Security would interrupt to lead to a predictable brawl. Young would interview The Authority later as they mocked the fact that they

Following on from last week, Rusev demanded that LANA come to the ring, and she did. Sadly if he wanted to get back together with her he started off with an arrogant rant, blaming Lana’s actions for losses against Cena and dropping a line about how her actions last week were just what women do to get men’s attention. URGH!! Rusev offered a hand, and it appeared the two had made up but when Rusev put his foot in it and asked that Lana admit she was wrong, she simply gave an icy glare and left the ring.

Lana reminded him that he said “I Quit” to lose the feud against Cena, and that set Rusev off on another. Lana got into his face and called him a liar and a quitter and after a barrage of insults left Rusev fuming as she left. Making the Bulgarian’s night worse Dolph Ziggler came out and got another smooch from Lana before raising her arm to further taunt him.

There was another riveting segment with those actors and Divas ALICIA FOX, SUMMER RAE, LAYLA and EMMA. Setting back the women’s division a couple years as they giggled and gushed over the actors.

Continuing the apparent developing relationship storyline, Lana was out later in the show to watch Dolph Ziggler’s match against Sheamus. A distraction by Rusev led to Sheamus picking up a cheap win, and post-match Rusev put the hurting on with an attack.

The Match

Divas Singles Match


THE BELLA TWINS were out first to join the commentary team, and I lower my expectations accordingly. Back from commercial Snuka was already in the ring. No entrance? ALWAYS A GOOD SIGN! We got a replay of last week’s events that saw Paige return, fight off Naomi and Snuka, and then plant Nikki with the RamPaige DDT.

Nikki claimed she was ready for this Triple Threat (even if she didn’t look it). Brie gushed about positivity and her husband while Paige hit her series of Knee Strikes but Paige soon got knocked down to the floor. Snuka roughed up Paige a little before applying a head-grip submission hold while The Twins tried (and failed) to put themselves over, still sounding like Heels rather than likeable babyfaces. Paige fought out and the two Divas exchanged punches before eventually Paige hit the Side Kick.

Naomi randomly jumped up to the apron, and had to jump back down when Snuka was whipped towards her, the brief distraction allowing a roll-up for a near fall, and it set Snuka up for a Side Kick to the head. Paige hit sloppy looking Clotheslines, perhaps due to Snuka not going with the usual Short-Arm kind that Paige is used to doing, but the follow up Dropkick was on point. Brie Bella weakly tried to justify her interference and AGAIN sounded like a Heel while doing so. A third Side Kick sent Snuka to the floor where she took an amazing head-over-heels Tumbleweed dive off the apron!

Paige took time to glare across at Naomi, and this allowed Snuka time to recover so she struck with shots to Paige as she climbed back into the ring. The referee backed Snuka away, but she came back in again to be backed off and that allowed Naomi to rush in and get a cheap shot. As the referee looked back and clearly could see the shot happening. But because that was the set up for the finish he didn’t call for the bell and pretended he couldn’t see it. “How could the referee not see that?” even The Bellas called him out on that. Anyway, Snuka eventually lifted (in messy fashion) Paige up, hit a Samoan Drop and ended the match.

Tamina Snuka defeated Paige with a Samoan Drop.

Post-Match: Naomi raised Snuka’s arm in the victory before the two duos of Divas taunted one another.

Thoughts: Wow, that match sucked and it sucked hard. Snuka appeared to be more at fault than Paige however, and the bout did no one any favours, even The Bella Twins who somehow keep being allowed to do commentary despite being no good at it! All in all an awful few minutes and not any kind of good hype for the Triple Threat at Elimination Chamber. We can only hope, and for those of you who do pray, that the three Divas who will be involved in the match will deliver a good one at the “PPV”.

NATALYA accompanied Cesaro and Nattie’s Husband as they took part in a ten versus three Handicap Match against The New Day that to no one’s surprise broke down in short order into a wild brawl.

McMahon again was out in the ring with The Authority, gloating about Ambrose’s arrest earlier in the show. However the appearance of Roman Reigns and then Ambrose to return and sign the contract soon ruined their mood.

That’s your lot (perhaps thankfully) from a less than stellar night from the Divas. Will next week bring anything good following the three-way for the butterfly belt at Elimination Chamber? I have my doubts

May 19

RAW RELOADED [18/05/15] Here comes Paige to save the Day, and the Storyline!

It’s that time once again where we recap all the events of Raw with this, the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! The Payback Pay Per View saw a Divas tag team match instead of the expected Divas title bout, but it saw Naomi pin Nikki Bella to cement her place as the challenger. Will we see these two come to blows this week? Let’s get into it and find out…

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May 12

RAW RELOADED [11/05/15] Number Games is up as Snuka Superkicks her way to Victory

It’s that time once again to recap the events of Monday Night Raw with this, the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! Last week saw Tamina Snuka made her return to the WWE, once again acting as a bodyguard but now to Naomi, playing off Naomi’s marriage into the Samoan family dynasty. Is this the time that the number’s game is up for The Bella Twins? As we approach the Payback Pay Per View will Naomi and Snuka continue to build momentum, or can Nikki stop the onslaught and stay on top of things? Let’s get into it and find out…

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May 05

RAW RELOADED [04/05/15] Naomi Makes a Statement, and this time she’s brought the Family…

Welcome one and all to the RAW RELOADED, presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! Naomi made a statement last week to show her issues with The Bella Twins are far from over with a victory over Brie. With the next WWE Pay Per View Payback just a couple weeks away will either Diva get an edge heading towards another title confrontation? Let’s get into it and find out…

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Apr 28

RAW RELOADED [27/04/15] With Sasha Banks Shades, Naomi Still Can’t Quite Slay

The Extreme Rules Pay Per View(PPV) has come and gone, and it gave a less than completely satisfying match between Nikki Bella and Naomi for the Divas title. Despite The Bella Twins being suddenly nice girls now in opposition of “Slaying” Naomi and her new mean edge, Nikki retained the Divas Championship thanks to outside interference by Brie in completely Heel fashion. Will Naomi look for revenge this week with the next WWE PPV Payback just a couple of weeks away? Let’s get into it and find out with this, the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION!

NATALYA accompanied Cesaro and Nattie’s Husband to the ring as Nattie’s Husband was robbed of a win against Big E thanks to Xavier Woods holding down the ankle.

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Apr 21

RAW RELOADED [20/04/15] Night of the Ineffective Double Turn

It’s that time once again where we recap all the event of that Monday night sports entertainment nonsense with this, the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! Last week saw Paige win the contendership battle royal but felt the wrath of a furious Naomi who, feeling rightly robbed of a title shot, put a beating on the Glampire that has seen her put on the “injured list” (she’s filming a movie). So where does this leave the Divas title situation heading into Extreme Rules now that Naomi has shunned the fans with this new attitude? Let’s get into it and find out…

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Apr 14

RAW RELOADED [13/04/15] Naomi Turns Nasty as Paige Prevails in the UK

Welcome one, welcome all to the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! Last week saw Naomi further solidify her position as a number one contender with a tag match win over the Divas Champion Nikki Bella. However the conniving of others Divas robbed her of the chance as they managed to get a contendership battle royal set up for this week. With the WWE in the UK this week, can Naomi overcome the entire Divas roster and a crowd that will solidly be behind England’s own Paige? Let’s get into it and find out…

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Apr 13

WWE Announces Signing of 3 New NXT Divas from Independent Scene

The WWE has announced a host of new Superstars and Divas in training, but in a rather shocking departure from the norm, rather than picking models and actresses, the new NXT female talent actually have wrestling experience!

Jessie McKay (Jessica McKay), KC Cassidy (Cassie McIntosh), and Jasmin (Nhooph Al-Areeb) have been officially announced in a article which boasts about the international diversity of the new signings. While the Cassidy and Jasmin signings have been known for quite some time, McKay’s signing has stayed impressively under the radar until now.

McKay has competed a number of times for SHIMMER Women Athletes and has also worked for Ring of Honor. Cassidy has also worked for SHIMMER and SHINE Wrestling along with promotions in her native Australia, and recently Jasmin had success in AIW in a short lived duo of Team Barely Legal.


Apr 13

RESULTS: SHIMMER Vol 72 – 75 DVD Tapings – New Tag Champs, Surprise Joshi Legends for Retirement Match

SHIMMER have wrapped up another blockbuster weekend of DVD tapings, which featured new SHIMMER Tag Team Champions being crowned along with the surprise debuts of Joshi legends for one of the retirement matches of Tomoka Nakagawa.

Click on to read up on the results, courtesy of

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Apr 08

SPOILERS: This week’s WWE Main Event & Smackdown from 07/04 Taping

We’ve got the spoilers for you for the upcoming editions of WWE Main Event and WWE Smackdown, so click on to read up on what’s coming your way this week.

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Apr 07

WWE Announces AJ Lee’s Retirement from In-Ring Competition; A Look back at Lee’s Career

Shocking news broke this week that multi-time former WWE Divas Champion AJ LEE was retiring from in-ring competition.

In a short post on the WWE website, the following was announced:

AJ Lee (April Mendez) has decided to retire from in-ring competition with WWE. We wish AJ the very best.

Lee confirmed the news through her twitter account, posting a picture of her sneaker-style wrestling boots with her luggage case.

Click on to read a career restrospective about the Black Widow.

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Apr 07

RAW RELOADED [06/04/15] Funk is Rolling Off Course after a Misstep of a Tag Match

It’s been a wild few days since WrestleMania, but it’s time to recap the events of the Monday night sports entertainment show with this, the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! In shocking and unexpected news the WWE announced that multi-time former Divas Champion AJ Lee was retiring from in-ring competition just days after winning the Divas tag match at WrestleMania. While there has been plenty of unconfirmed speculation about the announcement, there’s no rest for the stilla active Divas roster! Naomi appears to be lined up as the next challenger for the Divas title following a series of wins including over the Divas Champion Nikki Bella herself in tag matches. Will we see Naomi further cemented as the next contender? Let’s get into it and find out…

The WWE took a moment to show the tweet that AJ LEE sent out to confirm her retirement from in-ring competition. At least they didn’t sweep it under the mat.

THE BELLA TWINS were the lucky ones picked for the random walking backstage segment. Even if Brie did that stupid loser L sign to someone during it. Urgh…

The Match

Divas Tag Team Match


No full entrance? ALWAYS A GOOD SIGN! The Bellas were flipping into the ring, then Paige was next out soon followed by Naomi as Booker hyped that Naomi was the next Divas Champion, and we got replays of the finish of last week’s Divas tag match.

Paige and Brie started off, neither Diva getting an edge as both tried to cheat with hair pulls and then caught one another with slaps to the face. Paige soon countered a Clothesline into hitting the hat-trick of Short-Arm Clotheslines. Saxton: “I’ve never thought about being a Bella.” His best line yet! Meanwhile Paige was distracted by Nikki acting like she was going to attack, which allowed Brie to sneak up behind and toss Paige to the floor, and in turn this set up a Clothesline on the outside to wipe out the Glampire.

Booker claimed that “you used to be able to tell the [Bellas] apart”, and JBL slyly called him out on that as Brie seemed content to try and take a count-out win but Paige got back in at six. A stomp set Paige up on the bottom rope to set up the Running Knee Strike by Brie, getting a two count. Brie locked on a Seated Chinlock as Naomi rallied the fans, and when Paige fought up she was shut down by a clubbing blow then a Hairpull Mat Slam.

Nikki got the tag in, and the Bellas hit a great Double Team Rebound Suplex that got another two count. Nikki locked in a Bodyscissors as Naomi continued to rally the crowd while Saxton called out JBL on talking about championships other than WWE ones. Nikki shut down a Paige fight-out, hauling the Anti Diva into the corner and hitting a series of Shoulder Thrusts. Nikki hit nothing but turnbuckle with an attempted Splash as Paige avoided, and managed to just get the tag.

HOUSE ON FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIRE!! Naomi hit the outside-in Roundhouse Kick to send Nikki stumbling away, and came in for a less than perfect looking Whirlybird Headscissors that had an even uglier landing, despite JBL calling it “perfect”. Naomi nailed Brie off the apron, and lured Nikki in to hit a nice counter kick off a springboard. The Divas Champ ducked the next attempt as Naomi leapt over but messed up and landed on her butt. Oh dear…

Naomi ducked the KO Forearm, and hit the Rear View but Brie broke up the pin attempt. Paige came in, looking to hit Brie for interfering, but Brie dodged the shot which instead nailed Nikki so it appeared that Brie was responsible for the shot, but had little time to be remorseful as Paige tackled her to the floor. Naomi trapped Nikki’s head in her legs and hit a less-than-impactful DDT-like shot from the position to get the victory.

Naomi and Paige defeat The Bella Twins when Naomi pinned Nikki Bella with a Headscissors DDT.

Thoughts: Obviously Naomi is being built as the next challenger to the Divas title. Sadly this was quite a bad for Naomi who has been plagued with being very hit-and-miss in terms of her in-ring performances. From botching landing after spots to her moves not looking and sounding impactful, Naomi did not have a great night even with a tag win over the current Divas champion. The WWE will either have to do something to better build her as a challenger who could win, or decide on a different challenger. More on that later…

RENEE YOUNG would interview The New Day about the fans chanting that they suck, and their fake smiles seemed to show the hints of a possible heel turn upcoming.

NATALYA would be seen backstage along with Cesaro and Nattie’s Husband, scouting potential challengers for the tag titles as they watching the Lucha Dragons face The New Day.

Backstage in the office of The Authority, the Director of Operations for The Authority Kane was not in a good mood, and that didn’t too much improve when he was interrupted by not one, but FOUR Divas in the former of Natalya, SUMMER RAE, ALICIA FOX and CAMERON. Kane quickly saw through the compliments the Divas were giving, and interrupting one another the Divas claimed that Naomi wasn’t the only one deserving of a title match despite her wins over Nikki. Kane, clearly getting a headache from their rather high-pitched demands, relented and granted the request for a Divas Battle Royal next week to determine the number one contender for the Divas Championship. They left gleefully while Kane rubbed his temples.

Thoughts: Well either the WWE wants to really build Naomi by having her win a contendership match despite wins that would usually get a Diva a title match, or the WWE is having doubts about giving Naomi the title match in the first place. It’s rather lose-lose for Naomi here as if someone else wins the battle royal it’s damning of how she’s messed up a chance to be in the title hunt, but if she wins it shows that the WWE feels the need to further establish Naomi as a challenger despite those clear non-title match wins over Nikki Bella that she’s scored. We will wait and see if the WWE makes a change to what seems to be the plan for Extreme Rules or not.

Young got a quick word from Roman Reigns following his victory over The Big Show. Later on Young would also get comments from Ryback and Randy Orton about the main event for the contendership of the WWE Championship.

That’s your lot for this week, and we’re now looking forward to a Divas Battle Royal to determine the next challenger for the Divas Championship. Will Naomi be able to cement her position as the next contender, or will another Diva manage to sneak in and get the title shot at Extreme Rules instead? Stop by in seven and we’ll find out with the next edition of the RAW RELOADED! See you then!


Mar 31

RAW RELOADED [30/03/15] The Divas Deliver some Post-Mania 6-Diva Tag Greatness

Welcome one and all to the post-WrestleMania edition of the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! The Show of Shows is in the books, and it saw Paige and AJ Lee pick up the victory over The Bella Twins as Lee was able to force Nikki to submit to the Black Widow. With the new WWE calendar year now in full swing and the (rather worrying if I’m honest) promise of a brand new Diva Search contest coming to the WWE Network, what could possibly be in store for the Divas? Will we see a repeat of last year with a new Diva appearing and shocking the world? Or simply just the start of the next storyline for the Divas? Let’s get into it and find out…

How novel! STEPHANIE MCMAHON featured in the opening segment, taunting everyone she could and claiming that new WWE Champion Seth Rollins would be “up for the challenge” of defending the title against former champ Brock Lesnar.

NATALYA accompanied the Tag Team Champions as Cesaro and Nattie’s Husband took part in an eight-man tag team match.

McMahon would run out to warm Lesnar about not delivering a F-5 to a cameraman as he went on a rampage after Rollins fled from the title match, and when Lesnar delivered it anyway she indefinitely suspended him.

Moments later RENEE YOUNG interviewed McMahon, who gloated about her actions saying she now owned Lesnar due to him signing with WWE again instead of going back to MMA.

Young would appear again to interview new WWE champ Seth Rollins, and as per usual things were interrupted by Randy Orton to set up the main event of the show.

The Match

Six Diva Tag Team Match


Lee was out first in a custom cut merch T-shirt of NXT Diva Bayley, and after a commercial Paige, Naomi and Natalya were all out. No TV entrances? ALWAYS A GOOD TIME! The Bella Twins of course got an entrance.

Naomi and Natalya started things off with some chain-wrestling and counters as the fans chanted “We Want Bayley!” a chant clearly provoked by Lee’s choice of T-shirt. Natalya got control with the Shoulder Knockdown, and soon after went for the strikes with a couple shots to the head. Naomi countered being sent to the corner with her odd twerking or whatever it is spot, kicking Natalya away to set up a nice Running Dropkick. Natalya then got in her spots, hitting the Bounce-off-the-ropes Atomic Drop-like slam to Naomi that we’ve seen in the past, then the run over the back into the Low Dropkick for a two count.

Brie got the tag and hit the Missile Dropkick off the second rope, working over Naomi with a Firewoman’s Carry into an Armbar, and when Naomi fought up she got hit with it and again to be trapped. Naomi escaped again this time hitting a Dropkick, sending Brie back and allowing Naomi to tag in Paige to a nice reaction. She kicked things off with a couple of Headbutts, only to be caught by a sudden sweep of the leg to send her down, and right after Paige caught Brie with a leg trip of her own for a near fall.

Brie caught Paige with a kick when she ducked down, and the Glampire no-sold it like she was Sting, making Brie do the “Loser L” taunt that I wish she would send back to pre-school. Paige responded with a mean tackle to make them both tumble through the ropes to the floor. This led to a face-off on the floor as the show went to commercial.

Back from it AJ Lee was trapped in a Chinlock by Brie Bella, Natalya getting a tag and hitting a Dropkick to the back for a two count, then locking on a Seated Surfboard. The rowdy post-Mania crowd sang out that John Cena Sucks while Natalya hit a couple of Snap Suplexes and got another near fall. Nikki got the tag, hitting a Clothesline for a near fall, doing nice Heel work by mocking Lee as she crawled for a tag, doing the same herself. Brie cheered her sister on as Nikki locked on a Surfboard with the arms of her own.

Lee escaped by flipping the arm, but Nikki held her up to prevent the tag, sloppily hitting a weak version of the Waterwheel Slam that even the announcers had to call out as nasty (not in the good way). Lee kicked out, and Nikki decked Paige off the apron for all her yelling for a tag. Nikki applied a cool-looking Grapevine Leglock, fans actually chanting “Let’s Go Divas!” then flowing it into a Bow-and-Arrow submission. Lee escaped into a pinfall for a one count, and once again Nikki nailed Paige off the apron, missing Naomi who dropped down, and it all allowed AJ to jump onto Nikki’s back to lock on a Sleeper Hold with a Legscissors. Nikki broke free by driving Lee back into a corner, but Lee was able to hit two feet into the back to send the Divas Champion down.

Lee send Nikki into the corner when she tried to stop a tag, and then AJ made it to tag Naomi in. HOUSE ON FIRE!!! Naomi it a Snapshot Stunner to Nikki from the outside, then the High Kick to the head from outside in to set up a Crossbody off the top rope. Naomi went for that twerking spot again but Nikki countered, using her strength to bring Naomi out and properly hit a Waterwheel Slam. Paige was right in to break up the pin attempt, and got promptly nailed with a Release German Suplex from Natalya for her troubles. Lee then came in to take Natalya down, and Brie broke the punches up to send Lee out to the floor.

Brie and Naomi backed into each other, but Naomi as focused on Nikki coming towards her, ducking the KO Forearm that wiped out Brie instead! Nikki was stunned and turned around to take the Rear View, and one stretching over pin later Naomi put herself right into the title picture!

AJ Lee, Paige and Naomi defeat The Bella Twins and Natalya when Naomi pinned Nikki Bella with the Rear View.

Post-match: The babyfaces celebrated with Bayley-inspired hugs and posing for the fans.

Thoughts: A fine follow-up from Mania, and another great showing of giving the Divas time and getting a fine match in response. It may be too early to tell but this win might be putting Naomi in the frame to be the next challenger for the butterfly belt – awfully similar to what happened last year. Time will tell if this results in Naomi getting a well deserved opportunity at a legit title reign.

While LANA was not on the show, no doubt heading off to film further movie scenes, there were strong “We Want Lana!” chants during Rusev’s match against Goldust.

That’s your lot from a mighty fine post-Mania edition of Raw! Will this good form continue on as we head towards Extreme Rules? And who will step up to be the next challenger for the Divas title? We’ll soon find out, so stop by in seven days time and we’ll recap it all with the next edition of the RAW RELOADED! See you then!

Mar 24

SPOILERS: This week’s WWE Smackdown from 23/03 Taping

We’ve got the spoilers for you for the upcoming edition of WWE Smackdown, so click on to read up on what’s coming your way this week.

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Mar 24

SPOILERS: This week’s WWE Superstars from 23/03 Taping

We’ve got the spoilers for you for the upcoming edition of WWE Superstars taped yesterday, so click on to read up on what’s coming your way this week.

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