Jan 22

Cheerleader Hit by Will Ferrell in Daddy’s Home stunt is TNA Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell

The video clip that was become an Internet hit (pun intended) of actor Will Ferrell hitting a cheerleader with a basketball has a pro wrestling twist to it.

Playing the part of the struck cheerleader is none other than current TNA Knockouts Champion Taryn Terrell. No wonder she sold the blow like a champ, because she is one!

TNA Wrestling confirmed Terrell was playing the part of the scene for the upcoming Daddy’s Home movie. Farrell had better hope Terrell doesn’t come looking for some revenge for that foul shot!

Jan 21

SPOILERS: This week’s WWE Smackdown from 20/01 Taping

We’ve got the spoilers for you for the upcoming edition of WWE Smackdown, so click on to read up on what’s coming your way this week.

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Jan 20

SPOILERS: This Week’s WWE Superstars from 19/01 Taping

We’ve got the spoilers for you for the upcoming edition of WWE Superstars, so click on to read up on what’s coming your way this week.

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Jan 20

Divas Tag Match Confirmed for the Royal Rumble – Bella Twins Vs Paige & Natalya

With just days to go before the Royal Rumble Pay Per View, the WWE has finally confirmed a Divas match for the show. Instead of an expected Divas title match however, it will be a tag team bout.

The Bella Twins of BRIE BELLA and Divas Champion NIKKI BELLA will face fellow Total Divas stars PAIGE and NATALYA who have quickly formed a friendship stemming from their unusual to say the least antics on Total Divas (face licking and the like). In the ring both Natalya and Paige have scored non-title match wins over Nikki Bella however The Bellas managed to claw cheap wins back, thanks to distractions from Nattie’s Husband.

Which Total Divas team will emerge on top this Sunday? We will have to wait and see…

Jan 20

RAW RELOADED [19/01/15] About Damn Time we got some Hype for the Royal Rumble!

It’s that time once again! This is the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! We’re just days away from the Royal Rumble Pay Per View but there’s yet to be a Divas match confirmed for the show, despite the rivalry between The Bella Twins and the new combo of Natalya and Paige, which has seen Divas Champion Nikki Bella losing a few non-title matches to be Natalya and Paige. Will this be the night we get confirmation of a Divas title match at the Rumble? Let’s get into it and find out…

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Jan 14

SPOILERS: This Week’s WWE Smackdown from 13/01 Taping

We’ve got the spoilers for you for the upcoming edition of WWE Smackdown, so click on to read up on what’s coming your way this week.

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Jan 13

DoD TV – Full Match: Mickie James Vs Paloma Starr in OSW from 2013

Today we can bring you a full match up from the indies starring the only woman to have been WWE Women’s, WWE Divas, and TNA Knockouts Champion.

From a OSW wrestling event held in Odessa, Texas way back in January of 2013, Mickie James takes on Paloma Star. Enjoy!

Thanks to Manila – OSW on YouTube for the upload

Jan 13

SPOILERS: This Week’s WWE Superstars from 12/01 Taping

We’ve got the spoilers for you for the upcoming edition of WWE Superstars, so click on to see what’s coming your way this week.

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Jan 13

RAW RELOADED [12/01/14] And Nothing of Importance Happened

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand we’re back! It’s time for the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! After the events of last week Natalya still has her sights set on the Divas Championship and has found an upgrade of an ally in fellow Total Divas star Paige to do battle against The Bella Twins. Considering that the champ Nikki Bella went on a losing streak of falling to Natalya on Raw, then to Paige on Main Event? The Bellas need a new plan of attack if they wish to keep the butterfly belt. Also developing seems to be a rivalry between Alicia Fox and Naomi spawned from a pre-match brawl before their six-person tag team match that saw The Miz and Mizdow get an edge over The Usos. Where will this week lead us as the Royal Rumble approaches? Let’s get into it, and find out…

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Jan 12

SPOILERS: TNA Impact Wrestling for Jan & Feb Episodes

We’ve rounded up a selection of spoilers for you all for the upcoming episodes of TNA Impact Wrestling to air in January and February. Click on to read up on what’s coming your way in the next few weeks…

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Jan 08

SPOILERS: This Week’s WWE Smackdown from 08/01 Taping

We’ve got the spoilers for you for the upcoming edition of WWE Smackdown, so click on to read up on what’s coming your way this week.

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Jan 06

RAW RELOADED [05/01/15] More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same…

The same old stuff, just a different way of doing it. This is the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! Sadly, The Authority has been reinstated so we’re going to be stuck seeing the same old, same old ego boosting we’ve already had to endure for months and months. Hopefully the Divas division can save things as the story between The Bella Twins and Natalya does not appear to be over following a cheap loss by Natalya to Nikki thanks to unintended distraction by Nattie’s Husband. Will a brand new year bring something new, or will the new season of Total Divas yet again dominate proceedings? Let’s get into it and find out…

The Authority were back in control and that meant more of the same in the opening segment as STEPHANIE MCMAHON and Triple H did the usual power trip stuff with the rest of the roster around and inside the ring. Yaaaaaaaaaay…

EDEN performed ring announcing duties for the absent Lillian Garcia who was attending a family emergency.

RENEE YOUNG interviewed Roman Reigns about his upcoming match with The Big Show.

LANA and Rusev cut a taped promo giving a scathing tongue lashing on America, as per usual.

The Match

Divas Singles Match


No TV entrance? ALWAYS A GOOD SIGN! The Bella Twins were already in the ring. Natalya came out and this week without Nattie’s Husband, and for an explanation we got a replay of the match from last week as Nikki stole a win thanks to distraction from Nattie’s Husband. However before the match started the theme of Paige hit as one of the newest cast members of Total Divas came out, being the cornerwoman for Natalya and making it clear with an over-the-ropes hug. Holy babyface turn Batman!

Cole tried to claim that Paige and Natalya made up over Twitter following the “spiked brownies” prank from Sunday’s episode of Total Divas. Yeah, sure, whatever. The match started as Natalya lifted and charged Nikki to the corner and nailed some strikes as Booker T (a complete upgrade to Perv King) raved about Paige “getting it done” in the ring. Meanwhile Nikki countered with a Back Elbow, then hitting a very un-Heel like Headscissors Takedown followed by a Clothesline but it barely got a one count.

Natalya came right back with a wicked slap, then followed up with a Side Russian Legsweep. Natalya went for The Sharpshooter but Nikki kicked her off. After a couple of dodges Nikki nailed the KO Forearm Strike, but shenanigans developed on the floor as Brie and Paige started arguing (out of boredom I’m guessing) and Paige threw her ring jacket into Brie’s face. Oh the humanity! Paige sent Brie crashing into the crowd barrier, and this was more of enough a distraction for Natalya to roll her up and steal the victory!

Natalya pins Nikki Bella with a School Girl Roll-up OF DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!

Post-Match: Nikki attacked Natalya from behind and stomped away, bringing in Paige who took a couple shots before shoving Nikki away. Soon Nikki ate a Super Kick that sent her packing as Paige taunted and yelled that this was her house, checking over Nattie as The Bella Twins scarpered up the ramp.

Thoughts: The Nattie’s Husband-Bella Twins dynamic from the end of 2014 just wasn’t clicking with the audience so I’m not completely surprised that storyline has been dumped. I roll my eyes at the sudden babyface turn and forming a team just because of being a part of Total Divas, but it’s definitely going to work better than having Nattie’s Husband involved. On the plus side, Paige gets a deserving spot back on TV and no one can complain about being connected to the title picture since she’s in the support role as Natalya challenges. This has the potential to be a good one.

Backstage NAOMI was seen fixing her hair in and “earlier today” video. ALICIA FOX came up and acted nice to start with, but started twisting the knife as she commented that she was on Total Divas now and Naomi is no longer on the show. This led to Fox hitting a cheap shot, and then slamming Naomi into the table a couple of times. Outtanowhere like a RKO came in EMMA, SUMMER RAE, and CAMERON to make Fox run off after powder was thrown. Well that was a massive waste of time!

The Second Match

Six Person Mixed Tag Team Match

NAOMI & The Usos Vs ALICIA FOX, The Miz, & Damien Mizdow

Naomi in Uso T-shirt and all led her team out as we got replays of The Usos winning the tag team titles from last week. Fox came out with Miz & Mizdown, Miz particularly motioning and directing Fox (with Mizdow copying).

The Divas started off as Naomi took Fox down with a Lou Thesz Press, soon followed up by forcing Alicia into the corner with strikes and then a massive toss from the corner. One kick later sent Fox scarpering as Miz took the tag in, forcing the Divas out. When one of the Usos went to go for the Running Hip Attack Fox rushed in to cause a block, soon getting dumped out by Naomi.

The finish of the match seemed to be botched as the Uso brother was pushed into the ropes as Naomi was going along it, but mistiming meant Naomi was clean missed. An assumed collision would have distracted enough for Miz to steal the win with a roll-up, but the announcers tried to cover by saying Miz had the tights. The announcers claimed that it was down to Jay being worried that he might have hit his wife but regardless the Heels gloated on the ramp while the faces licked their wounds in the ring.

Thoughts: The Divas were barely involved and the match ending was either botched to heck or very strange. A dud of a match.

In an announcement, Nikki Bella versus Paige has been booked for Main Event on the WWE Network.

The Authority would be seen gloating to J’N’J Security and Kane.

In a long, drawn out and very boring segment McMahon and Triple H continued their ego boosting, ranting about John Cena and eventually firing the Team Cena from Survivor Series members Dolph Ziggler, RyBack, and Erick Rowan. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay…

Considering how overall awful Raw was, we should be thankful we got a spark of hope for the future with Paige’s involvement in the title feud. Will that continue on next week, or will whatever happens on Total Divas force a sudden change? Stop by next week and we’ll find out with the next edition of the RAW RELOADED! See you then!

Dec 23

Best of the Knockouts Episode Announced for TNA’s Greatest Matches

TNA Wrestling has announced another new series for its new U.S. home of Destination America, that will feature an upcoming episode dedicated to the TNA Knockouts.

TNA Wrestling’s Greatest Matches will showcase some of the company’s top bouts from stars past and present, and due to air on January 23rd will be the “Best of the Knockouts” special.

No matches have been listed as of yet, but one could assume the likes of past Knockouts Mickie James and Tara could be showcased along with current Knockouts Gail Kim, Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne, Angelina Love, and the reigning KOs champ Taryn Terrell. We will have to wait until the new year to see which matches make the show!

Dec 23

RAW RELOADED [22/12/14] More Bah Humbag Than Festive Cheer this Raw

It’s that time once again to recap the goings on of that Monday Night wrestling show with this, the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! AJ Lee has vanished from our TV screens, and already the Divas Division has moved on as it appears that Natalya has been put in line to be Nikki Bella’s next challenger following events from a tag match on Raw that saw Nattie’s Husband care more about an apparently hurt Nikki than his wife’s victory. Will we see this storyline develop, or will it get lost in the shuffle during a Christmas themed edition of Raw? Let’s get into it, and find out…

ROSA MENDES in a less dress-like red attire did her dancing duties for her man Fandango as he picked up another win, this time over Jack Swagger.

RENE YOUNG in a certainly festive red dress would get comments from Dean Ambrose about his street fight match against rival Bray Wyatt.

The WWE apparently thought it important to yap on about an MSN Sports article (I know, never knew it was a thing either) that claimed Brie Bella and Daniel Bryan were a sports power couple. Must have been a short list…

The Match

Divas Singles Match

BRIE BELLA w/h WWE Divas Champion NIKKI BELLA Vs NATALYA w/h Nattie’s Husband

No TV entrance? ALWAYS A GOOD SIGN! Natalya was already in the ring as Brie came out to that awful theme of hers along with sis. Cole claimed there was an “interesting story developing”, getting a replay of Natalya getting a win from last week when Nattie’s Husband was checking over an “injured” Nikki Bella. Cole sort of ruined it by claiming that Nattie’s Husband and Nikki shared the same views on “the environment”. I rolled my eyes so much I felt I was on a rollercoaster.

The Divas locked up, and Natalya tried to go for the arm but Brie countered with a Firewoman’s Carry into an Armbar, that Natalya eventually rolled and tried to flip out off before Natalya got cut off short. Hang on, is Nattie’s Husband wearing a Nikki Bella “Fearless” merch hat?!? Natalya countered a corner charge with a back elbow, but was hauled off from the second rope by Brie, apparently because she was distracted by Nattie’s Husband but it didn’t look that clear of a distraction to me. Who knows these days.

Brie only got a near fall, so followed up with stomps before hitting two Running Knee Strikes to the bottom rope but again only got a near fall. Brie worked over Natalya with a nice looking head hold, which allowed JBL to ramble off some facts about Natalya’s long forgotten indies career, but when Natalya tried to fight out Brie cut her down with a Jumping Clothesline. It still only got a two count. Brie blew a kiss towards Nattie’s Husband and seemed bothered by it, and then it was back to the rest hold.

This time Natalya fought out and fought back, sending Brie back to the corner with strikes. She attempted a pick-up, only for Brie to roll down the back, and Natalya managed to counter that as she went for The Sharpshooter. Brie managed to counter that with a Small Package, and in turn Natalya rolled back on that for the reversal, and got the win!

Natalya beats Brie Bella with a Small Package counter of a Small Package counter.

Post-match: Nattie’s Husband was animated in the ring, hugging his wife. Nikki Bella went to enter the ring but in very un-babyface fashion knocked Nikki off the apron to the floor, and for the second week in a row Nikki was left clutching her leg. Nattie’s Husband stayed far back this time, and Natalya posed with the Divas Championship, making Cole pipe up that it seemed Natalya wanted a shot at the title. Ya think? Brie rushed down to her sister’s aid while Nattie’s Husband raised her wife’s arm in victory. After replays, the cameras completely missed Natalya furiously grabbing the Nikki merch hat from her husband and tossing it out of the ring (we only got a glimpse of it on the Tron in the background) but The Bella Twins looked mad about it. Not as mad as Natalya who stormed out of the ring, smirking for a moment as again she motioned towards the Twins that she wanted a title match.

Thoughts: The opportunity to further this building feud and the storyline of Nattie’s Husband and Nikki Bella was really missed. The commentators completely missed the fact that Nattie’s Husband was wearing Nikki merchandise, and the production team missed Natalya tossing said hat away in fury. A wasted chance tonight but since it’s the end of the year, no doubt we’ll get filler weeks until some (hopefully) proper build towards the Royal Rumble in the new year.

LANA along with Rusev were the guests on a special edition of Piper’s Pit with “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. Lana started with a rant about Christmas in America, daring to call Santa a bloated old man. Oh the humanity! Piper ranted back about America being the land of the free where people believe in what they want. Lana told everyone to “believe this!” and showed footage from Smackdown where Rusev demolished new rival Ryback. After calling Team Russia a couple of Communist Scrooges, claiming he got them a Christmas gift. Of course, this was the introduction of Ryback, complete with festive bow leading to a brawl that forced Rusev to flee the scene to the delight of the crowd.

The Second Match

“Santa’s Little Helpers” Six-Diva Tag Team Match


Entrances! Yay! Oh wait, all the Divas are in Christmas attire. Booo… They even made fake snow fall and everything. Bah humbug! Fox was first out in traditional red style outfit, and Emma doing the same as she did the arm dance to try and smack some snowflakes. Naomi rounded out the team in some green and red body suit-type thing, I assume dressing as a present or something? Heels out next, with Cameron a white outfit with plenty of fur on the boots, followed by Summer Rae who appeared disgusted by the fake snow being around. Can’t say I blame her! Paige was next… In her usual gear. Ha! She had a black X-mas hat on, and her jacket had the words “Ho! Ho! Ho!” taped on over her logo. JBL commented that she got “quite the ovation”. You paying attention WWE?

Rae and Emma started off as Summer did some dancing but Emma mocked her with hair flips, the third time hitting Rae in the face, luring her into a charge before using the old schoolyard trick to make Summer fall over her on the rebound. A low Dropkick got a near fall. The fans chanted “We Want Paige!” and Cole acknowledged it but it was Cameron who got the tag when Summer charged Emma to the corner. Emma fought her way free from the wrong side of town, but ate a nice looking Codebreaker from Cameron, but it just got a two count.

Cameron slammed Emma down, and then brought her over to tag in Paige for quite the ovation. Paige played to it, hitting a headbutt and yelling that this was her house. The crowd agreed. Paige nailed the the Knee Strikes through the ropes, and got a near fall from it, so followed up with a couple of Headbutts to the grounded Emma for another close count. Paige controlled with a Chinlock, and cut Emma off when she tried to fight out of it. The fans refused to rally behind the babyface team, and after countering a Paige dropdown, both Divas wiped each other out with stereo Clotheslines.

Naomi and Cameron got the tags. HOUSE ON FIRE!!! Naomi went to work with the Flipping Clothesline, then the Single Leg Heel Kick. Naomi countered being sent to the ropes by flipping over them, and blasted Cameron with a High Roundhouse Kick when she rushed in, followed by snapping off a Hotshot on the top rope. Naomi went for the pin and Summer broke it up, promptly getting taken out by Alicia Fox, who in turn ate a Paige Superkick to send her down. Paige landed a Headbutt to Naomi, and countered Emma’s attempt to get her out by dumping her to the floor instead.

Emma reached in and pulled Paige to the mat and then down to the floor. Meanwhile Naomi got a tag to Fox, but Cameron hit some rough looking Forearm Strikes. Cameron tried to go for a School Girl but Fox blocked it, using the position to hook the head with her leg before driving Cameron down with a faceplant to get the win.

Thoughts: Pointless, painless, and for the most part decent enough. The best part was the crowd only caring about Paige.

That’s your lot from a far more miss than hit edition of Raw. With a new year looming and the Road to WrestleMania that follows, will we be getting anything good to close out 2k14? Stop by in seven to find out with another edition of the RAW RELOADED! See you then!

Dec 22

Malia Hosaka to Recieve “Retired” Wrestling Award, Despite being an Active Wrestler

In a curious move, one half of the current SHINE Tag Team Champions, as in an active in-ring competitor, is being given an award for retired wrestlers by the Cauliflower Alley Club.

Malia Hosaka, who has competed for ECW, WCW, WWF, SHIMMER, and currently wrestles as part of the Legendary faction in SHINE Wrestling, will be given the nevertheless great accolade at the upcoming 50th CAC reunion event according to the official CAC website.

It seems the CAC is awarding this “retired” award due to Hosaka having “retired” in 2012, the press release from the organisation quoting part of Hosaka’s retirement speech. But Hosaka still competes and as part of Legendary is a SHINE Tag Team Champion with Brandi Wine.

At the same event former WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix, herself actually retired following leaving WWE and starting a family, will be recognised with the CAC Women’s Wrestling Award.

The ceremony will be held in April 2015.

Thanks to RingBellesOnline for the heads up on this news.

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