Oct 30

SPOILERS: WWE Smackdown from 28/10 Taping

We’ve got the spoilers for you for this week’s edition of WWE Smackdown, so click on to read up on what’s coming your way.

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Oct 28

SPOILERS: WWE Superstars from 27/10 Taping

We’ve got the spoilers from the latest taping of WWE Superstars, so click on to read up on what’s coming your way this week.

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Oct 28

RAW RELOADED [28/10/14] RIP Team Pai-cia 2014 – 2014

It’s that time once again! This is the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! The Hell in a Cell Pay Per View is in the books, and two major matches have come and gone, but seemingly not with the feuds finished. Nikki Bella emerged victorious in the battle of the Bellas, forcing Brie to be her slave for 30 days and pouring a smoothie over Brie’s head, Nikki gave a glimpse of what the next month will be like. AJ Lee

STEPHANIE MCMAHON was part of usual power-trip storyline duties in the opening segment involving The Authority, but things broke down with Randy Orton picked and fight and eventually laid out Seth Rollins.

RENEE YOUNG would try to get an explanation from Mark Henry for his attack on now former partner The Big Show, but he just ranted and left Young none the wiser.

The Match

Non-Title Divas Singles Match


AJ skipped her way out first, and after a commercial break Fox was now in the ring. No entrance? ALWAYS A GOOD SIGN! Paige was commentary and claimed that it was the fault of her “bestie” that she lost at Hell in a Cell. Fox got the edge early with Forearm Strikes as Paige claimed she was just “having a rough day” and didn’t beat Alicia up too much. Fox mouthed off at Paige before hitting a nice One Footed Dropkick, and Paige took a fed line to point out that a good friend helps a bestie to win matches.

Fox got Lee back inside and Paige laughed off the idea of Fox becoming Divas Champion. Fox got a one count, then worked Lee over in the corner. Paige claimed that “she had it” last night as Fox hit the Prettiest Northern Lights Suplex in the business for a near fall, and Paige further ranted that she was inspiring “Foxy” because of her black gear. Paige was acting very brattish as she claimed Fox was now her “punky girl” and the definition of a “punky girl” was herself. Uhhhh… The Hell??

Lee fought up from a Chin Lock but got decked by a Back Elbow that got a two count, making Fox scream in anger. “I looooove the way she screams” Paige cooed. That is NOT PG young lady! Fox applied another Chin Lock and glared at Paige while applying it. Paige was asked if AJ Lee has her number. “My phone number?” She responded. Careful, those fan-fic writers will be at it again. Fox lifted Lee up for a Body Slam, but in a wicked counter Lee spun out and SPIKED Alicia with a DDT. Paige was getting angry as Lee started the fight back with counter boots in the corner, but Fox cut her off with a perfect Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker.

Paige left the announce table, shoving Fox through the ropes and telling for her to win. This distraction allowed Lee to scoop her up from behind and steal the win!

AJ Lee defeats Alicia Fox with a School Girl Roll-up (OF DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!)

Post-match: Lee hugged her title and fled the scene as Paige acted like she was in total shock. Fox kicked the ropes in rage, and to make peace Paige offered one of her merch wrist-bands. SWERVE! Paige nailed a cheap shot with a Superkick! Tossing Fox to the floor, Paige tossed her bestie into the crowd barrier, and then used a Catapult to send her into it again, before slamming the back of Alicia’s head into the barrier a couple times. “You’re a worst best friend!” Paige yelled, before Perv King stole the heat of the segment by coming over to half-heartedly attend to Fox as Paige left the scene.

Thoughts: A fine match. R.I.P. Team Paicia 2014 – 2014. We barely saw thee. Will this see Fox and Paige feud now? Will AJ finally move on to a new opponent to feud with? Or will all this be forgotten by the same time next week?

Stephanie McMahon would appear to interrupt a John Cena speech, trying to sweet talk Cena into joining The Authority but when he (shockingly!) turned it down Triple H announces a Team Cena versus Team Authority Survivor Series Elimination Match.

The Second Match

(Total) Divas Singles Match


The Bellas were out but when Brie tried to brush things off and head down the ramp Nikki yelled and ordered her back. At the ring, Nikki ordered her new slave to hold open the ropes for her, the commentators going over the Hell in a Cell Match as Nikki whispered more commands before tossing her hat near to her sister’s face (it missed). We got screenshot recap of the PPV match including the smoothie pouring.

No entrance? ALWAYS A GOOD SIGN! Naomi was in the ring after a commercial. Naomi controlled early with a Sliding D-like Clothesline, and moments later Nikki countered Naomi’s butt-shaking corner move to eventually (very chunky) counter with a Waterwheel Slam. Bella went to work, lifting up her opponent to the corner and hitting Shoulder Thrusts. Naomi was choked against the ropes a couple of times as JBL recapped the “quitting” option Brie has, as said Diva looked on in disgust at the dirty tactics.

Nikki did the Alley-Oop spot and got barely a one count. Nikki continued to control with a Corner Clothesline, then a unique rest hold hooking up the head and arm. A fight up was cut off but Naomi went on the attack by tripping Nikki into the ropes, hitting a Single Leg Dropkick soon after. The offence continued with the Running Flipping Clothesline, then a Full Nelson Bomb (I believe her husband did the same move in an earlier match on the show!) followed by a Kick straight to the spine, and a unique Double Knee Drop to the upper body to drive Bella into the mat. It all just got Naomi a near fall however.

Nikki bailed to the floor, but Brie just watched on as her sister was sent back in, and Naomi caught her with a high kick from the apron. Oh noes!! Brie weakly grabbed Naomi’s foot, enough to distract her so that Nikki could strike with the KO Forearm to knock Naomi down to the floor. Brie sold being disgusted with herself as Nikki gloated and said “Good job Brie!” Nikki took her time to bring Naomi in, hitting the Rack Attack for the easy victory.

Nikki Bella defeats Naomi with the Nikki Rack Attack.

Post-Match: Nikki ordered Brie to raise her arm, much to her annoyance.

Thoughts: A decent match, and served its purpose to get the master/slave dynamic over. The only bad thing? The segments where Brie has to do tasks are going to get worse and worse, and I don’t mean just what Brie will have to do!

Stephanie McMahon would make a last appearance, watching with Triple H from the stage as the WWE locker room had a mass brawl which saw Cena (predictably) standing tall.

That’s your lot for this week (no Lana? The shame!), so be sure to stop by next week to see what twists and turns will be on the road to Survivor Series. So until then, this has been the RAW RELOADED and I’ll see you again soon!

Oct 24

SPOILERS: NXT TV for November/December 2014 – SHIMMER Stars Appear

The WWE’s developmental territory NXT recently held their latest TV tapings for episodes to air in November and December, which in addition to NXT Divas featured two leading indy workers from SHINE Wrestling and SHIMMER Women Athletes. Click on to read up on what’s coming your way over the next month and beyond…

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Oct 22

Maria Profiled on WWE Where Are They Now – Post-WWE Wrestling Work Not Mentioned

The WWE has profiled former WWE Diva and current ROH star Maria Kanellis in a “Where Are They Now” article… But the WWE has refused to acknowledged Kanellis’ extensive post-WWE wrestling career in the independents

While the story covers her recent marriage to Mike Bennett and mentions her movie and music work, no mention is made of her work on wrestling shows across the indies, particularly in Ring of Honor. In fact, the only reference to her still working in wrestling is a single picture stating her managing Bennett in the indies – a picture carefully selected to not even give any advertisement to the promotion it was taken at.

Rather, the whole story is just made it seems to try and put over the new WWE Talent Scholarship scheme that Kanellis is using to obtain a Johnson & Wales University degree in sports, event and entertainment management.

The full article is available to read at WWE.com

Oct 22

SPOILERS: This Week’s WWE Smackdown from 22/10/14 Taping

We’ve got the spoilers for you from this week’s taping of WWE Smackdown, so click on to read up on what’s coming your way in a few days.

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Oct 21

RAW RELOADED [20/10/14] Team Paicia Cause More Double Trouble for AJ Lee

It’s that time once again, so come one, come all for this, the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION. Two matches have been officially signed for the Hell in a Cell Pay Per View for this Sunday, with the “Loser becomes the Winner’s Slave” Bella versus Bella bout, and now the confirmation of Paige against AJ Lee one more time for the Divas title. With the PPV only days away can any Diva get the advantage over the other, and will we actually get some decent hype for the matches? Let’s get into it and find out…

As reported already here on DoD, LILIAN GARCIA has taken back the mic on Monday nights, replacing the now released Justin Roberts.

The Match

Non-Title Divas Singles Match


AJ skipped her way out to the ring, and back from a commercial now Fox is in the ring as well. No TV entrance? ALWAYS A GOOD SIGN! The announcers recapped that Lee and Paige (at ringside) will face off AGAIN for the Butterfly Belt at the Hell in a Cell PPV. Next was a video recap of Lee defeating Layla n Smackdown and the attack by Team Paicia that followed.

The match started off with Fox in control with a less than perfect looking shoulder knock-down, but Lee came back with a Jumping Back Elbow and then a Crucifix turned into a Sunset Flip for a one count. Lee kept control with a lucha-style Wheelbarrow into a Roll-Up for a two count as Paige yelled at ringside. AJ skipped around while grabbing the hair, sending Fox into the ropes and catching her with a Roundhouse Kick that caught more chest than head but only got a two count.

Fox stopped the offence with a sloppy Big Boot for a near fall while JBL yapped about Divas wanting his hat. Fox slammed Lee’s head into the corner a couple of times before bringing her out to hit the finest Northern Lights Suplex in the business for a two count. Paige yelled for Fox to stay on the attack and she did with a Chinlock as the crowd chanted for Lee. AJ fought her way up as we got a replay of the Suplex, but Fox sent her down with a handful of hair.

Paige barked more instructions as Fox did a little skipping to mock, working over Lee in a very cocky way before spinning her around with a fantastic Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker but again only got a two count. “I hate you!!” Fox yelled, applying another Chinlock as Paige continued to taunt her rival from ringside. Lee tried to fight out again but this time Fox hauled her up to drive her into a corner, applying a foot choke.

Fox paid for showboating too much, eating two feet into the back from Lee, who then hit the Lou Thesz Press with punches to send Fox reeling. Paige yelled in outrage as Lee took control with a Corner Clothesline followed by a Neckbreaker. A Headscissors sent Fox tumbling out to the floor, and Paige was there but not to comfort her friend, but instead yell at her! This led to a sudden shoving match, as Paige shoved Fox into the barrier (That’s a DQ ref!) before tossing her into the ring!

Paige then tried to get into the ring, distracting Lee and suddenly Fox scooped her up from behind with a Roll-Up, and got the upset win as Paige had a big smirk on her face!

Alicia Fox defeats AJ Lee with a School Girl Roll-Up.

Post-Match: Paige took a bow, showing it was all a trick that paid off, leaping into Fox’s arms as the two ended up tumbling to the floor as the realization of being fool sunk in with AJ. Paige raised Fox’s arm as the two taunted Lee from the ring, and AJ had the crazy-eyes on as Team Paicia celebrated.

Thoughts: Sloppy start but once things got going, the match was a fine one. This was a very effective way of getting over the predicament Lee is in and how the numbers game is against her. Things certainly look good for the PPV at long last!

LANA would be seen walking backstage with her client Rusev, and then was ringside as Rusev faced and defeated Big E. Lana gave a short biting speech about The Big Show, but when the usual flag drop did not happen, Show appeared on the screen to taunt and instead drop the Stars and Stripes of the USA flag! Team Russia was left furious, and Lana ordered Rusev to go and pull down the flag but she left the scene when an “Army officer” (plant in the crowd) tried to jump the ring, only to eat a Rusev Superkick.

The Second Match

Divas Singles Match


No full entrances? ALWAYS A GOOD SIGN! The Divas were already in the ring as the announcers stated that it was Bella versus Bella at Hell in a Cell with the loser being the slave to the winner for a month. Rae started off hot with a Knee Strike then hitting Brie’s head a couple of times (eventually) into the corner. Brie fought back with a nice counter of a Clothesline into a Crucifix for a near fall, and then played off “Yes!” chants from the crowd to hit a series of kicks in the corner along with the shouts of “Yes!”

Cutting to backstage we saw NIKKI BELLA watching proceedings, while in the ring Rae hit a High Roundhouse Kick for a two count before locking on a Cobra Clutch-style submission. Brie fought up but was shut down for just a one count, and Summer locked the hold on again. Bella escaped with a throw, before both Divas spun around to crash and burn as they tried to grab the hair. Brie went on the attack with Forearm Strikes, then a Leaping Clothesline and a Dropkick. Bella hit the Running Knee to the bottom rope, but going for the Brie Mode Missile Dropkick only saw her getting swatted down but Rae could only get a near fall from the counter.

Rae looked about to blow her lid, stomping away but her Whip was countered to be sent into the corner, setting up for the Missile Dropkick from the second rope and that led to a high angle Bella Buster that got the victory.

Brie Bella defeats Summer Rae with the Bella Buster.

Post-Match: Brie led the “Yes!” chants and backstage Nikki seemed freaked out and mad at her sister’s success.

Thoughts: A solid match, but in terms of selling a PPV match with a master/slave stipulation? Weak to say the least. Perhaps the WWE has really forgotten to care about the feud, or will all the tasks and chores be saved to be shown on Total Divas? At the rate this storyline has sucked at, keeping it all off of Raw might be a very good call!

RENEE YOUNG would be seen in conversation with Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, as hype for an interview on the WWE Network’s Raw Backstage Pass show.

That’s your lot for this week. Stop by in seven days time for all the post-HiaC fallout to see which Bella becomes a “Bella Butler” and who walks out as the Divas Champion in the next edition of the RAW RELOADED! See you then!

Oct 20

RESULTS: SHIMMER Vol 67-70 DVD Tapings – NEW SHIMMER Champion Crowned

SHIMMER Women Athletes have wrapped up another weekend of DVD tapings loaded with talent from across the world including the US, Canada, Japan, UK, and Australia. The major news saw a brand new SHIMMER Champion being crowned, but which star captured the title and how did the seemingly unstoppable Cheerleader Melissa lose the gold? Click on to read the results courtesy of RingBellesOnline.

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Oct 20

Ring Announcer Changes: Lillian Garcia to Raw, Eden to Smackdown

The WWE has ended speculation about who will handle in-ring microphone duties for its flagship TV shows, following the release of ring announcer Justin Roberts.

Through an article on WWE.com, it’s been confirmed that long-time Diva Lillian Garcia will move from Smackdow to return to announcing on Raw, resuming the run that earned her the title of the “Decade Diva”. Meanwhile, Eden will move up to do ring announcing for Smackdown after handling those duties on Main Event and Superstars.

It’s unknown yet if these Divas will perform the announcing for the shows taped/held on their respective main show days, of if Eden will continue to announce for those shows.

Oct 20

Paige and Alicia Fox to Join Cast of Total Divas Reality Show

The WWE has announced that two former Divas Champions are to join the ever-expanding cast of the E! reality TV show Total Divas – and considering their in-ring credentials it shatters the “reality star” illusions placed on the Divas who are a part of the show.

Paige and Alicia Fox, who currently have a BFF-storyline against rival (and noted anti-Total Divas) Divas Champion AJ Lee, will join the show when it returns from its mid-season break in January 2015.

The statement from the WWE’s official website states:

When “Total Divas” returns with all-new episodes on Jan. 4 at 10/9 CT, a new duo emerges to shake up the dynamics of the cast: WWE Divas Paige and Alicia Fox. Former WWE Divas Champion Paige is a raven-haired Diva who preaches a simple message: She wants to mix it up in the ring. She first began battling when she was 13, following her family of English wrestlers, and gained prominence inside the WWE’s NXT Division, as the first NXT Women’s Champion. Similarly, the stunning and lithesome Alicia Fox has proven herself to be far more ferocious and eccentric than anyone ever expected. The talented Ms. Fox has etched her name in WWE record books as the first African-American woman to win the Divas Championship. Together, the two ladies, along with friend WWE Diva Rosa Mendes, form a clique in the locker room that rivals The Bella Twins and WWE Diva Cameron, leaving Nattie stuck in the middle.

This announcement bumps up the cast list to 10 current roster Divas, with AJ Lee, Emma, Layla, and currently injured Tamina Snuka not an official part of the show. (In addition to Lana, Eden, Lillian Garcia, Renee Young, and Stephanie McMahon).

Will the inclusion of the Diva who only months ago was known as the Anti-Diva, and Fox who has been a regular in the WWE’s post-Total Divas recap show, shake things up a bit? Will out Raw Reloaded reviewer Adam finally start watching this show now that Paige is a part of it? We will have to wait until the new year to find out…

Oct 15

SPOILERS: This Week’s WWE Smackdown from 14/10 Taping

We’ve got the spoilers for the upcoming episode of WWE Smackdown, so click on to read up on what’s coming your way this week.

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Oct 14

Bella Vs Bella at Hell in a Cell PPV – Loser Becomes the Winner’s SLAVE for a Month!

It’s been officially announced that at least one Divas match will happen at the upcoming WWE Hell in a Cell Pay Per View event, and one with a very interesting stipulation.

Announced by Nikki Bella during the the Raw post-show programme on the WWE Network, Nikki informed sister Brie Bella that after talking with Stephanie McMahon it will be Bella versus Bella at the Hell in a Cell PPV. However there’s quite the stipulation to the contest – the loser will be the slave to the winner for a full month!

While the Bellas feud has not been as inspiring as many had hoped, this stipulation might kick things up a notch… Or lead to more terrible segments full of bad Bella acting…


Oct 14

RAW RELOADED [13/10/14] Things Go From Bad To Worse for the Divas Storylines

It’s that time once again to recap all the events of that Monday night Sports Entertainment show with this, the RAW RELOADED presented by DIVAS OF DESTRUCTION! Last week Brie Bella continued to defy the odds to a certain extent, winning a match with an arm tied behind her back (unlike her sister who lost a similar match months ago), but couldn’t survive a four-on-one Handicap Match later in the week as Nikki got a cheap win over her sister. Meanwhile, AJ Lee is discovering that not having a ally, let alone a friend is working against her as she walked out on tag partner Emma, leaving her to fall to the best buddies duo of Paige and Alicia Fox. Can Lee finally find a friend this week, or will “Pai-cia” get the better of her yet again? Let’s get into it and find out…

STEPHANIE MCMAHON and hubby Triple H were once again a part of the opening segment, putting Dean Ambrose and John Cena into a Triple Threat Tag Team Match, and when that didn’t work out for The Authority bringing the two Superstars’ Contract on a Pole Match forward to be the show’s Main Event.

The Match

Divas Tag Team Match


Full entrances? Madness I tell you! Lee skipped her way out and we got a recap of Lee walking out on partner Emma last week to lose to Paige and Alicia Fox. Oh wait, never mind, Layla was then in the ring coming back from a commercial. Oh well. One of those fancy dual-box graphics things showed AJ claiming she wouldn’t walk out on Layla because she “disliked her the least” which led to an extremely awkward hug.

Team Paicia (I’m calling them that now!) made their way out next. Lee and Fox started off and quickly Lee got control with a High Roundhouse Kick, allowing her to grab Alicia’s arm and force her towards Paige, AJ demanding her rival tag in to which Paige repeatedly yelled “No!” Fox soon countered a whip into a less than perfect Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker for a near fall. Now Paige took the tag, mocking by doing some skipping around but it allowed Paige to get up and go into full creeper mode. When Paige saw her rival was up on her feet, she bailed out of the ring and the chase was on!

Cue the Benny Hill music! Paige went a half-lap around before getting back in to tag out, but Lee went after her and got hit from behind by Fox. “OW!” Paige exclaimed while Fox went for the High Boot in the corner only (as usual) to miss. Layla reached out for a tag as Lee crawled towards the corner… But Layla dropped down, leaving Lee with a “I should have known better” look. Fox tried to capitalize with a Roll Up from behind but Lee held onto the ropes, and then rushed in as Alicia was down on her knees with a SHINING WIZARRRRRD-OOOOOOOOOH!! Paige tried to scramble in but it was too late as Lee got the sneak win.

AJ Lee and Layla defeat Alicia Fox and Paige – Lee pinned Fox following a Shining Wizard.

Post-match: Layla looked stunned by her “win” but found herself being chased up the ramp as Layla got planted down into the steel ramp. Lee forced her back down, sending her into one crowd barrier and then the next. Paige and Fox stayed in the ring, bad mouthing Lee while she hugged her title and skipped away.

Thoughts: So… Last week Lee showed signed of regretting not having any friends to have her back, but now this week she wins a match on her own in basically a Handicap Match? The spark in this feud has been completely lost, and the chance to debut perhaps a new Diva from NXT to have Lee’s back has also been wasted. This week was a complete step backwards for the Divas title feud.

McMahon would pop again in the office of The Authority as she and HHH granted Randy Orton a Hell in a Cell PPV Match against whoever loses the main event of Raw.

RENEE YOUNG would interview Dean Ambrose (calm down Tumblr!) about his main event match later on Raw.

LANA accompanied her charge Rusev for a highly anticipated match against The Big Show, mocking America for celebrating Columbus who was an ego-maniac who got lost. After insulting the local baseball team, Lana and Rusev became furious at tomahawk chanting and USA chants. After a bruising bout, interference by former rival Mark Henry gave Rusev a DQ win. However, Rusev was cornered by both Henry and Show, managing to fight off Henry but eating a Show KO Punch, to Lana’s yelling anger.

Renee Young would do interviewing duties again, this time with Sheamus about his upcoming match against The Miz.

There was a backstage segment featuring some of the Total Divas cast and some American reality TV star. Nothing of value was said or done.

The Second Match

Six-Diva Tag Team Match


A Total Divas themed match that involves the Bella Twins feud? I’m lowering my expectations accordingly. The heels were already in the ring and then to that awful Total Divas theme the babyfaces came out. Then the reality show star was introduced to resounding apathy and rightfully so.

Anyway, Natalya and Cameron started off as hilariously Cameron completely missed a slap so had to hit another, and then got decked by one from the Queen of Harts. Cameron backed into a corner, luring Natalya in to send her head into the buckle before hitting a Suplex. She brought her to her side’s team as Nikki came in to hit a Clothesline, getting a near fall before slamming the head repeatedly into the mat. Nikki mocked her sister’s injured husband with a “Yes!” motion, and got rolled up by Natalya for barely a one count.

Nikki cut off a tag, locking on a Front Facelock before finishing with a Knee Strike. Rae was tagged in as she hit the arm with a kick and then tossed Natalya by the hair down to the mat. After striking some Fandango-era dancing, she hit nothing but canvas with a Leg Drop attempt, allowing Brie to get the tag as she went to work with strikes and shots, trying to swing at Nikki but she dropped down. Rae tried to steal a win with a Roll-Up but Brie escaped at two, sending Summer down with a Dropkick. Brie fired herself up before hitting the Running Knee Strike to the bottom rope.

Going for a pin, Cameron came in to break it up, and Naomi tried to come in to send her out only to be countered herself and sent through the ropes. Natalya tackled her down and the two rather lamely rolled to the floor, while Rae hit a Jawbreaker to Brie. Nikki tagged herself in hard, making Summer whine “Owwwww!” as Nikki went for the Rack Attack but Brie flipped out, and after some countering caught her sister with the Bella Buster and scored the victory!

Brie Bella, Naomi, and Natalya defeat Cameron, Nikki Bella, and Summer Rae – Brie pinned Nikki with the Bella Buster.

Post-match: The nice Divas celebrated, the bad girls licked their wounds. Oh, the reality star was there as well.

Thoughts: Throwaway match and the Brie victory over her sister felt meaningless not just with that reality star being involved, but just the win happening so suddenly in such a random match. Perhaps the WWE has gotten tired of the Bella Vs Bella feud like the fans have?

Renee Young would again interview, this time with John Cena about the main event.

Stephanie McMahon would join Triple H to watch the Main Event from ringside .

That’s your lot from a far from impressive outing of Monday Night Raw. With the Hell in a Cell PPV soon approaching, will we get any confirmation of a match for the show as Paige Vs AJ Lee has yet to be announced? Stop by in seven and we’ll find out with the next edition of the RAW RELOADED! See you then!

Oct 09

SPOILERS: This week’s WWE Smackdown from 07/10 Taping

We’ve got the spoilers for you for the upcoming edition of WWE Smackdown, so click on to read up on what’s heading your way this week…

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Oct 07

SPOILERS: This week’s WWE Superstars from 06/10 Taping

We’ve got the pesky spoilers for you from last night’s taping of WWE Superstars, so click on to read up on what’s coming your way this week…

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